Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bloggers Go Pottery Painting

I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday with Gem, Gem & Julie.  We met up for the first time in March which you can read about here.  We all hit it off straight away and knew that we would be seeing more of each other. 

On this occasion we decided to go pottery painting.

There was so many pieces to choose from, it took us all a while to decide what we were going to paint.

Eventually I settled for a teapot.  The concentration while we were painting was immense.  We still managed to keep up some good conversation though :)

I was so chuffed with my finished piece.  Now I just need to wait for it to be finished, it's going to be a loooong wait as I live quite a distance from where we met.  It is a pottery painting cafe in Barnet, which is fairly local to the others. 

Four happy bloggers with our painted pottery.

Once we finished we hit the charity shops, although they didn't prove very fruitful, but we still had a great day.  We are already planning our next little meet up, I can't wait.

Thank you ladies for a great day.

~ Gem x 


  1. What a lovely day out! Painting pottery is the perfect pretty and creative thing for bloggin' chicks to do together. Did you get anything good at the charity shops?

  2. Thank you for a fantastic day! Can't wait for our next meet up! xx

  3. This looks like great fun!!! Wonderful isn't it, meeting fab blog buddies. You all look lush!
    X x

  4. I had a fab time : ) Can't wait to meet up again!!!

    Gemma xXx

  5. Lovely post Gem! I must do mine, but I was gonna wait to collect my teapot (which I am ridiculously excited about!!!) can't wait for the next meet up xxx