Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lands End

We had both heard that there wasn't anything at Lands End but we wanted to go, just so that we could say we had been.

It was a very misty morning so we weren't able to see very far out but we got to see the famous sign which was pretty much what we had gone there to see.

It has been very commercialised which really is a shame.  I'm almost positive the tourists would visit regardless of whether there are other things there to see or do but where there is money to be made people will try and make it, the trouble is it isn't always for the better and that is the case here.

Still we can say we have been and it isn't somewhere we would be likely to go back to.

I believe it's now onto John O Groats.

~ Gem x

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  1. I too think that commercialism has spoilt Land's End, but at least you can say "been there, done that"! Don't forget to post about John O'Groats!! :) Best wishes, Pj x