Friday, 13 July 2012

St Michael's Mount

After spending a few hours at The Minack Theatre we headed off to St Michael's Mount.  It is a National Trust property and so while we were there we decided to sign up for a year's membership.  Hopefully this should keep us busy during the great British weather we are so well known for.

To reach the fortress we walked across the causeway, should the tide have been in, a ferry would have been running to carry people to and from the island.  Once on the island we started the climb up the hill.

Seeing the building from different angles was fab, it seemed to look different from each angle, I was very snap happy (no surprises there, I love my camera) 

The gardens were gorgeous.  It seems to be something Cornwall does well.  They have some beautiful, beautiful gardens.  As a lover of flowers and plants it took us a while to get anywhere.

Over the years we have visited other places similar to this.  I'm pretty sure this is the first place I have visited that I could quite happily have moved into.  The decor was lovely, I could easily have lived with it.  As we were walking around me and James were picturing ourselves living in the rooms, anyone listening to our conversation would have thought we were crazy.  

The views were lovely, even though it was still misty, although it was beginning to lift.  I have never been a seasidey type person but I was loving being by the sea.

It was a great afternoon in great surroundings.  Another place I can recommend a visit to if your in the area.

~ Gem x


  1. It looks like such a fun little adventure getting up to the house! Me and Ian do the same, always saying what we'd do with the places we visit if they were our own.


  2. My grandad came from Penzance, one of 13 children and his family mostly worked on the lighthouses around Cornwall. I love that area, it's so wild and incredibly beautiful and they have the best pasties ever! Your photos have really made me homesick, I'll have to go and visit!