Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sorry I have been a bit awol recently.  There has been a lot going on at home.  It's all fairly good things but as a result I just haven't had the chance to blog as much as I usually would. 

We haven't really had any days out either, which also means I have less to blog about, that's never a good thing.

I am hoping come September I will have plenty more to blog about.  I will have started my floristry course and life will have a bit more structure to it.

Me & James have been house hunting, with much disappointment and struggles so far, it seems we just can't find that perfect house for us and when we do, someone always beats us to the post, so the hunt continues.

I've also been working on a few little projects so have been kept busy with those.  Some of them will be coming to a close soon so that will free up a bit more time.  So with any luck normal blogging will resume very soon.

Thank you all for bearing with me and hello to all my new followers :)  I will be back soon.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. You're not the only one who hasn't blogged much - I'm also guilty of that sin!

    Nice to see you back though.

  2. Ooh a floristry course sounds fabulous! Good luck with the house hunting I'm sure you will find your perfect pad soon xx

  3. Floristy? Lovely! I had looked into to doing that once upon a time, before I decided to be a teacher. Oh the beauty you'll get to work with everyday! I'm so jealous! Where are you house-hunting??

  4. Oh I know how you feel Gem! You will have a lovely new home to blog about soon I am sure of it! Good luck with the floristry course! Sounds really interesting - can we hear about the other projects? xx

  5. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you both and looking forward to reading an email saying you've got somewhere, I'm sure that'd not going to be long.

    Ooo I am now curious about these other projects..?

    Gemma xxx