Thursday, 27 September 2012

Freshwinds Garden & Cob Shed Building

Mostly a photo post today folks.  I'm trying to be quick as I have college this evening yet at the same time trying to keep on top of all my blogging posts.  Hhmmm somehow not happening quite as I had planned.

Last weekend me and James went camping.  Yes I think we are crazy too.  It was bloody freezing, however that did not stop us from having a great time.  We went to the same campsite that we usually go to which is in Pett not too far from Hastings or Rye.  The couple who own the campsite are lovely and we have become good friends with them so it is always lovely going back to see them.  

As well as the good hospitality, lovely views and brilliant location one other thing I love about this place is the garden which is managed by friends of the farmers Jenny & Steve.  Earlier this year Jenny started her own blog here all about the garden, so please do pop over and say hello, I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

The garden was looking great, it would have been rude not to have taken a few photos.

The pumpkins were looking fab, although I'm not sure I'd fancy carving one as big as this at Halloween, it would take ages.

The scarecrows are brilliant.  They all have such character.

We were even treated to a royal visit while we were there :)

Now can you see why I like visiting?  It's just so peaceful, it's lovely.  Another thing that kept us occupied part of Saturday morning was to help in building a cob shed.  You can keep up to date on all the progress over at Jenny's blog but for now here is a picture of me getting stuck in.

That's all I have time for for now my lovelies.  I'm hoping to pop back soon to tell you about our afternoon spent at Bodiam Castle.  Right now I need to get off to college.

~ Gem x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Back To School

Some of you will already know that I was going back to college.  Well my first day evening was last Thursday.  I have enrolled on a college certificate course in floristry.

It is something I have wanted to do for many years now but a full qualification is so expensive and I couldn't justify paying that amount of money plus having to give up work to study.  I'm fortunate to live close to an agricultural and floristry college, so when I spotted this course I was quick to put my name down.

I had a great evening Thursday.  The people seem really nice and the tutor is lovely and rather humorous which is brilliant.  I was also really chuffed with my creation.

I will make sure from now on I keep you updated on my arrangements and all news flower related.  One thing I am looking forward to are a few flower themed days out, you've got to love a school trip ;)

Love Gem x x x x

Monday, 17 September 2012

A Pair Of Stockings

Yes I know it is only September but I have finished one of the things that has kept me from blogging as much recently.  My first Christmas craft project of the year.

I started knitting a Christmas stocking last year, but got as far as the heel and didn't understand any more of the pattern so was unable to finish.  I knew I wanted to have matching his and hers stockings, so I started on the second one until I cam to the exact same point and could go no further.

That was until I met up again with Tracy from Mad About Bags and Depth Of Field.  She kindly explained the pattern to me and had me on my way again.  Now thanks to her I have two completed stockings, ready in plenty of time for Christmas :)

Do you want to see them?  Stupid question, of course you do.

The first one is the his.  This one will be for James.  His favourite colour is red too so this worked out pretty well.

And the second is the her's and this one will be mine. 

I knew as soon as soon as I saw this bed it would be perfect for hanging Christmas stockings from , with that in mind I was determined to get them finished, and I'm so glad i have.  They are not perfect but I'm pleased with them and as far as I'm concerned that's all that matters.

Thank you so much Tracy for your help with these.  They would still have been sitting there un-finshed if it weren't for you.

If anyone is interested in the pattern I used for this project, I found it in the 2011 Prima Christmas Makes magazine.

So now it's onto the next craft project :)

Love Gem x x x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Prima Homemade Creative Show

I spent this Saturday with a good friend of mine at the Prima Homemade Creative Craft Fair at Bluewater in Kent.  We had a lovely morning and it was great being able to spend time together outside of work.  I've only known her for a few months but seriously, we may as well be sisters.  We are so similar it's unreal and we get on really well.  I had been looking for a friend with similar likes and dislikes to me that was of the same age for a long time and there she was all along.  it's funny how things turn out hey.

Anyway I digress.  The fair was actually really good.  I hadn't been too sure what to expect but it was just the right size.  Not too big but big enough if you get what I mean.  I often find with those sorts of fairs the stalls begin to repeat themselves after a while, so this was perfect.

The highlight of the morning for me though had to of been the knitted garden  It was amazing and must have taken hours to put together. 

The attention to detail was incredible.  I'd love to be a part of something like this, so will have to keep my eyes peeled in the future I think.

The other things I really liked about the show was the display of dresses worn in films that were there.

worn by Catherine Zeta Jones (I think)

Stupidly I didn't make a note of which dress was which, who wore it or what film it was from, so I apologise about that.  I can remember some bits but not much.

Worn by Drew Barrymore

They had also originally said that there would be dresses there from Downton Abbey which there wasn't, so that was a little disappointing.

Worn by Uma Thurman, that woman must either be tiny or she was sewn into this dress, it was so small. 

It was still lovely to see the dresses up close as opposed to on screen.  You could imagine how much time and effort had gone into each one, something I often don;t think about when watching films.

So I guess the only question that must be resting on your lips is what did I buy.  Well I have been trying to be good recently, so I didn't buy much, however I do still have a few little bits to show you.

A new purse and handbag.

Some Lots of ribbon.

 A few buttons, some I will be using for some homemade Christmas presents.

And lastly some washi tape.   Now I could have bought a lot more, but I restrained myself, much to my own amazement.  Then again I have got the Knit & Stitch show in October with some fellow bloggers next month so I can't promise I will be as restrained then, we shall have to wit and see.

Love Gem x x x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

London Paralympics 2012

Last Friday I spent my evening watching the Paralympic Athletics and what an evening it was.  i warn you now, this is a very photo heavy post.

Although I had been up to Stratford during the Olympics, this was the first time I was actually setting foot inside the Olympic park.

There were people everywhere carrying flags from all over the world.  It was amazing to see so many people from different walks of life together in one place.

The atmospehere was amazing, and everyone was so friendly and polite.It made me feel so proud to be British.

We were so lucky with the weather.  The sun shone all evening.

It meant we were able to have an enjoyable stroll around the park, which was great.

It was so nice to see the crowds coming together to support the athletes giving them the recognition they deserve.

Me with my Mum and Dad

It was an excuse to get the union jacks back out and of course some little face tattoos were a must have accessory.

It felt amazing to be inside the stadium after seeing it so many times on the TV, and the view was incredible, especially considering we were quite near the back.

We were the opposite side of the stadium to the flame but I just had to zoom in to get a shot of it.  i love how it was put together, so clever.

The colour of the sky as the sun went down couldn't be caught on camera but it was beautiful.

There wasn't an empty seat in the house.  The stadium was packed out and the Mexican waves were immense.

World records were broken.

And as darkness fell the races continued.

After all of that, it was time to go home.

But it was great seeing the park all lit up at night.

It was an amazing evening, and one I will remember for a very long time.

Love Gem x x x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Tea Anyone?

Last weekend I met up with my blogging friends Gem, Gem and Julie.  It has started to become quite a regular thing now.  Who would have thought it hey :)

The last time we met up we had gone pottery painting but as it wasn't very local for me one of the girls kindly picked up my finished teapot for me and held onto it until we met again.  We decided to meet in St Alban's this time to check out the Fleetville Vintage Emporium, from there we headed onto the high street for a spot of shopping.

It was a lovely day, and we will be meeting up again soon.  Thank you ladies for yet another great day.

So the teapot.  Here it is all finished.

Julie was also very kind and brought some mugs along with her that she said I could have.  They are the design that inspired my teapot.

As if that wasn't enough I spotted this while we were in St Alban's.

What will be next to add to the collection?

Love Gem x x x x