Monday, 17 September 2012

A Pair Of Stockings

Yes I know it is only September but I have finished one of the things that has kept me from blogging as much recently.  My first Christmas craft project of the year.

I started knitting a Christmas stocking last year, but got as far as the heel and didn't understand any more of the pattern so was unable to finish.  I knew I wanted to have matching his and hers stockings, so I started on the second one until I cam to the exact same point and could go no further.

That was until I met up again with Tracy from Mad About Bags and Depth Of Field.  She kindly explained the pattern to me and had me on my way again.  Now thanks to her I have two completed stockings, ready in plenty of time for Christmas :)

Do you want to see them?  Stupid question, of course you do.

The first one is the his.  This one will be for James.  His favourite colour is red too so this worked out pretty well.

And the second is the her's and this one will be mine. 

I knew as soon as soon as I saw this bed it would be perfect for hanging Christmas stockings from , with that in mind I was determined to get them finished, and I'm so glad i have.  They are not perfect but I'm pleased with them and as far as I'm concerned that's all that matters.

Thank you so much Tracy for your help with these.  They would still have been sitting there un-finshed if it weren't for you.

If anyone is interested in the pattern I used for this project, I found it in the 2011 Prima Christmas Makes magazine.

So now it's onto the next craft project :)

Love Gem x x x


  1. Ooh... pretty, pretty, and so clever to be able knit stockings - I'm doing a stocking swap and going to sew my stocking!

  2. Love those stockings Gem! They have a real vintage charm to them!
    Victoria xx

  3. Fab well done for finishing the job. :o)

  4. They looks lovely :) I've never attempted socks as the heel part scares me.

    However we do all have felt stockings which I made :)

  5. Well done!!! These are gorgeous! I wish I was good enough at knitting to do these! I saw some v similar from John Lewis, maybe ill just have to get them! xx

  6. They look fabulous!! Clever clogs!!

    Gemma xx

  7. How FAB-and organised! They are so pretty, i think your bed is really cute too!

  8. Love them! they will look lovely stuffed full of goodies on Christmas morning!