Saturday, 8 September 2012

Chartwell House


I'm sorry I've not been around much recently.  I just haven't been feeling like blogging, and I have been finding it hard to find the time.  However I'm here now to tell you about our bank holiday weekend which seems like weeks ago now, well I suppose it was really.

Whilst we were in Cornwall me and James signed up to become members of The National Trust.  we hadn't used it since we had come back so thought it was about time we started making use of it.

We spent the bank holiday Monday afternoon at Chartwell House in Kent.  We had seen it before on Countryfile and had said for a while that we would visit.  It is where Winston Churchill used to live. 

It is a beautiful house with gorgeous grounds, I'd love to live somewhere like this. 

We weren't able to take any photos inside the house, but the grounds should hopefully just about make up for that.

We were also able to step inside Winston's studio where he spent time painting.  They had 135 pieces of his work on display too.

It was well worth a visit and a lovely way to spend the afternoon.  We will definitely be making more use of our membership from now on.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. What lovely garden! Green and lush- the perfect place to spend your holiday weekend!

  2. welcome back! i have missed you!