Thursday, 27 September 2012

Freshwinds Garden & Cob Shed Building

Mostly a photo post today folks.  I'm trying to be quick as I have college this evening yet at the same time trying to keep on top of all my blogging posts.  Hhmmm somehow not happening quite as I had planned.

Last weekend me and James went camping.  Yes I think we are crazy too.  It was bloody freezing, however that did not stop us from having a great time.  We went to the same campsite that we usually go to which is in Pett not too far from Hastings or Rye.  The couple who own the campsite are lovely and we have become good friends with them so it is always lovely going back to see them.  

As well as the good hospitality, lovely views and brilliant location one other thing I love about this place is the garden which is managed by friends of the farmers Jenny & Steve.  Earlier this year Jenny started her own blog here all about the garden, so please do pop over and say hello, I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

The garden was looking great, it would have been rude not to have taken a few photos.

The pumpkins were looking fab, although I'm not sure I'd fancy carving one as big as this at Halloween, it would take ages.

The scarecrows are brilliant.  They all have such character.

We were even treated to a royal visit while we were there :)

Now can you see why I like visiting?  It's just so peaceful, it's lovely.  Another thing that kept us occupied part of Saturday morning was to help in building a cob shed.  You can keep up to date on all the progress over at Jenny's blog but for now here is a picture of me getting stuck in.

That's all I have time for for now my lovelies.  I'm hoping to pop back soon to tell you about our afternoon spent at Bodiam Castle.  Right now I need to get off to college.

~ Gem x


  1. Oh! I can see why you like it there! We just bought a caravan on the weekend and now I am looking for places just like that for our upcoming camping trips. Too bad we can't drive to Rye!!

  2. sounds fun and looks beautiful and wow the royal scarecrows are amazing!

  3. I loved your photos of our garden. Thank you for posting them on your blog. Thanks too, for your help on the cobbing. We have been there today to dismantle bean rows and cut things back. All the scarecrows will be coming inside soon.
    Best wishes Jen Grist

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