Sunday, 9 September 2012

Tea Anyone?

Last weekend I met up with my blogging friends Gem, Gem and Julie.  It has started to become quite a regular thing now.  Who would have thought it hey :)

The last time we met up we had gone pottery painting but as it wasn't very local for me one of the girls kindly picked up my finished teapot for me and held onto it until we met again.  We decided to meet in St Alban's this time to check out the Fleetville Vintage Emporium, from there we headed onto the high street for a spot of shopping.

It was a lovely day, and we will be meeting up again soon.  Thank you ladies for yet another great day.

So the teapot.  Here it is all finished.

Julie was also very kind and brought some mugs along with her that she said I could have.  They are the design that inspired my teapot.

As if that wasn't enough I spotted this while we were in St Alban's.

What will be next to add to the collection?

Love Gem x x x x


  1. Well done you, the teapot is really lovely. Xx

  2. It's a most beautiful teapot! X

  3. Did you enjoy Fleetville? I love it there!

    Lexie x

  4. Awe it all looks fabulous together! A great set - and unlike everyone else's! Can't wait to meet up again soon! xx

  5. Ah that's really nice! Pottery painting is great isn't it! I went and did it last Christmas in Northumberland and loved it!

  6. They really look great together!!! Had such fun & looking forward to our next meet : )

  7. Ah, this is such a lush post. Glad to know you still meet up. Love the teapot and how lovely that you got the mugs too! Very kind of jewel. X x

  8. Your teapots looks terrific Gem, Sounds like you had another lovely day together x