Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Floristry College Week 2 & 3

I was hoping to have caught up with everything this week but instead I've been fighting the cold that seems to be currently sweeping the nation, and what a beauty it is too.

Just so I don't get too far behind with my posts, I thought I'd share my Instagram pictures from my floristry arrangements I created at college both last week and the week before.

Week 2
A hand tied arrangement.

First of all we tried cone wrapping a small arrangement.

Then went for something bigger to wrap in cellophane.

Complete with tissue paper and a hand made bow.

This is what the arrangement looked like once I took it out of the cellophane and put it into a vase, or in this case a milk churn from Ikea.

Week 3
Symmetrical arrangement.

I am really loving having lots of flowers about the place.  They smell gorgeous (when I can smell them) and it really brightens the place up which is great on these dull and dreary days we have been having recently.  I'm not a fan of the drizzly weather, I much prefer bright and sunny autumn days :)

Love Gem x x x


  1. Fabulous arrangements Gem!
    Victoria xx

  2. They are beautiful. When I have my house in the country I am going to make sure it is not too far from yours and provide you with flowers and greenery from my garden to decorate my cosy nooks with. :o)

  3. Your arrangements are gorgeous! x