Monday, 15 October 2012

Floristry College Week 4

Last week we did another hand tied arrangement.  This time using the spiralled stems technique.

To begin with I really couldn't get my head around it but as soon as I started adding various flowers and foliage it all seemed to fall into place.

I ended up with a very achy hand at the end of it though, trying to hold the arrangement whilst adding more flowers and making sure I am adding them so that the stems are all spiralling round the same way.

I loved the colours we used, very autumnal, it made me think of Halloween as I was doing it.  That can never be a bad ting.  I love Halloween.

We practised wrapping with cellophane again, this time we were taught how to do an aqua pack, where you have the water at the bottom of the cellophane.  I'm sure I will be using this in future, it's a handy skill to know.

The flowers are all lasting really well, at least 2 weeks.  It's a case of finding a space to display them all.  But lovely being surrounded by flowers all the time.

Love Gem x x x x 


  1. It looks gorgeous and so professional! I love the flavour of autumn in the colours as well. I'm looking forward to see what you're going to produce next week! :)

  2. Love those gerbera daisies mixed with the greenish blooms. Gorgeous- and very autumnal. Well done, Gem!

  3. It looks fantastic! Love the colours.


  4. Great job sweetie, this bunch of flowers looks wonderful! I love having flowers around the house too :) have a happy week

    Bee happy x