Friday, 30 November 2012

Stained Glass Stars

I've fallen off the blogging wagon again.  What's going on.  I need to try harder but seriously I've just not had it in me recently.  I will try harder.  So in an attempt to catch up on all that I have been up to recently here we go with the first blog post.

You may remember last year and again earlier this year I went on a couple of stained glass workshops, well I still needed more in my life so booked up to go on a stained glass star workshop at Hylands House.  The pattern was quite basic in comparison to the others I had done, but I still had just as much fun.

As I drove up to the house I just had to stop to take a photo.  I love this house, I've so many photos of it now, but one more wouldn't hurt :)

The grounds were also looking lovely in it's autumn colours.

But with a sure sign of winter on it's way.

Once the workshop had finished, it was amazing to see how different everyone's pieces looked.

Do you want to know which ones were mine?  Well I'm going to show you anyway.

So there's another 2 pieces to add to the collection.  I wonder if it will stop there?!?

Love Gem x x x x


  1. Nice to have you back Gem, I was wondering where you'd got to! Hylands is gorgeous this time of year isn't it and your stars are sparkling! KateXXX

  2. Hi Gem, I know what you mean its really hard at the moment no one is really blogging as were all on IG! I am so guilty of not blogging because Ive put something on IG and everyone has seen it already! So I'm going to try to push myself to keep going and blogging and saving some stuff for my blog coz I love my blog!
    Hope you keep going too, I do love to catch up with yours!
    xx Gem

  3. Welcome back friend...those stars are gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous photos Gem! Love the stars!
    Victoria xx