Monday, 24 December 2012


I haven't lost the ability to spell, don't panic.  I'm talking about our ice skating adventure last weekend by the London Eye at their annual Eyeskate rink.

The evening had been arranged as a surprise for James and his niece.  I had booked it up with his brother, and we were loving the fact of knowing where we were going while they were being kept in suspense.

Of course we had booked it up for an evening session.  Everything around Christmas time looks better in the dark, all lit up.

We couldn't have picked a better time to go as the Southbank Christmas Market was on.  It was just perfect and so Christmassy.  We had a wander round the market and no visit to a Christmas market with a carousel would be complete without a ride, even if it was just us girlie's :).

There was even a fabric covered tree.  It was massive.

Excuse the blurry picture, it's not easy as it looks to take pictures yourself.  Love this little one though, she's not so little anymore though.

They both loved their surprise and we all had a great evening.  Almost injury free ;p nothing too serious though.

~ Gem x x x x

P.S It's here at last so for now all there is to say is Merry Christmas, have a fab one.


  1. Looks like so much fun!! Happy Holidays!

  2. What a wonderful evening out! Merry Christmas, Gem!!

  3. oh wow, this all looks amazing!! what a great evening. merry christmas!!