Monday, 3 December 2012

Holidays Are Coming

You see I'm gone for ages and then you just can't get rid of me :)  Boy I have missed this place though, I really shouldn't have left it so long to come back.

Last weekend was when I realised that Holiday's really are coming.  You know that time of year when you see the Coca Cola advert for the first time, you get that little tingle in your tummy and that squeal of excitement escapes your mouth, well this time I actually saw the lorry itself, like literally right in front of my very own eyes.  Yes my friends I saw the Coca Cola Lorry up close and personal.

OK so it wasn't THE lorry from the adverts but still, this is as good as it gets, and I wasn't missing it for anything, especially not as it was visiting my home town.

I actually went back at 3 different times of the day so that I could get photos of it in different lights, sad right? I know!

I kind of feel like this post needs to have music playing behind it, or at least some bells ringing ha ha.  I told you I love Christmas.

Love Gem x x x x