Saturday, 2 March 2013

Heybridge Basin

I'm still here and am loving life in the country.  We are settling in nicely, making the place our own, although there are still bits and pieces that still need work.  I'm just waiting for some good light so I can take some photos of the place to show you my new home.  In the meantime I thought I'd try catching up on a few posts that I have fallen behind with. 

A couple of weekends ago me and Mum went to a craft fair in Essex, not far from Tiptree.  It was Mum's first craft fair so I thought I'd start her off with a small one, the ones at Ally Pally and Olympia can be a bit overwhelming, they are just so big.  The fair was OK, I doubt I would go to another one of theirs, there was a lot of stalls selling materials for paper crafts  which isn't really our thing but it was an afternoon out and being so close to Tiptree we thought we would drop in to the Tiptree Jam factory for afternoon tea.

A lot of other people must have had the same idea as the queue was pretty big.  Time was getting on so we decided to drive back to Chelmsford to grab a cuppa closer to home.  on the drive back though we had a slight change of plan and stopped off at the Tiptree Tea Room in Heybridge.  I'm so glad we did.  

It is a lovely little tea room with such beautiful views across the basin.  I was pleased to see that the tide was in.  I'm not so sure it would look so pretty when the tide is out.  I loved all the daffodils too, a sure sign that spring is not too far away. 

Heybridge is. only about a 20 minute drive from Chelmsford if that, yet I have never been before.  But now that I have been I'm sure I will be going back again.  It really is a lovely place.

It just felt so peaceful.  I could have spent hours just looking out at the water and the boats.

I fell in love with the lock keepers cottage. 

In fact all the houses along there were something pretty special, each in their own little way.

The lock keepers cottage is still my favourite though :)

It was the perfect way to end a lovely day.  I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can have more days like this.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. Great day out, I can see! Did you buy anything at the fair??

  2. Oooh, it sounds a lovely place! Not sure if I've ever been there at all, but must!x

  3. It's great to accidentally find new places.

  4. great pics! love the cute pink building! XOXO
    the well-traveled wife

  5. Heybridge is great they also do a fab boat trip from there down the canal to the tesco's bridge and back xx

  6. Your weekend sounds good Gem. Heybridge looks like a beautiful seaside town!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x