Monday, 27 May 2013

Essex Young Farmers Country Show

For a few years now I have been looking for a country show that lives up to those that you always see on TV, especially after seeing Kirstie Allsopp's series a couple of years ago.  I have been to a few village country shows but to be honest they have always been a big disappointment so I have often wondered if it is worth going to those that are local to me. 

Since moving into our new place we have been trying to take the country life in our stride.  We have been growing our own in the garden - more about that perhaps in another post soon.  We have been trying to buy locally - there is a farm shop at the top of our lane which we use regularly, if not that one we use the Tiptree farm shop in the village.  We have also been trying to support local events, so on seeing the Essex Young Farmers Country Show we were keen to see what it was all about. 

It's definitely the best one we have been to.  It covered quite a bit of land.  There was loads to see and do, with lots of local producers there, and those that weren't local were relevant which was good.  It was really busy, and when we pulled into the car park we were a little worried but because of the way it was all laid out and the fact that it was spread across a lot of ground, you didn't really notice it once you got inside.  It was so well organised, even getting out again at the end took no time at all, which usually at those kind of events you find yourself sat in your car for hours (quite often longer than the amount of time you spent in the place) so hats off to them there.

I was keen to check out the competition tent with the baking and crafts and what not.  It was a bit disappointing, especially as the rest of the show seemed so good but they had given it a go and some of the categories were quite interesting.  my favourite had to be the welly boot decorating.  I mean come on, this is just genius, it's no surprise it won first place.

I'm glad we went and would definitely go to another of their events.  I have been told about another country show by a friend which is being run for a local charity in July.  I'm hoping to enter some of their competitions.  I'll blog about that afterwards and tell you how I got on.  Wish me luck, either way it will be an experience :).  I'm just hoping it will be a good show, this one has got some beating.

~ Gem x

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  1. Oh! That reminds me of the fair that used to take place in my hometown as I was growing up. I'd love to take my own kids now, but they stopped running it about 7 years ago. It had rides, farm animals, a "queen" competition, crafts, fresh food and lots of tractors! Oh the memories!
    I am glad to hear that you are taking advantage of the all the "Country" things in your area. As long as we use them, they'll stay around for generations to come!