Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wedding Floristry

I mentioned in my last post how I have returned back to college.  Some of you may remember that I started a college certificate in floristry back in September.  My last class was back in November.  I was going to be returning back after Christmas but with news of the bungalow I thought it might be best to take a term out and return back again after Easter and that is what I have done.

This term is wedding flowers.  I was pretty excited about doing it, especially as me and James have been in deep conversation about our own wedding hopefully next year. I was keen to get started a learn some more about flowers and ways they can be used in weddings.  being a huge fan of flowers I am hoping for lots of arrangements for the big day.

The first week was buttonholes.  I have used the techniques needed for this before so I found it quite easy. 

I was rearing to go for the second week.  We were making a corsage.

Definitely harder than the first week.  Every leaf and flower you see here was wired individually, it took ages but I was really pleased with the finished design.

I wasn't too keen on the bow, we were told to add it into the arrangement but I left mine out, I just preferred it without.

The third week has so far been my favourite week.  I loved the flowers we used, the colours and the final design.  I love it.

It is a pew end.  Could also be used as a table centre piece though, I quite liked it on our dinner table.  A favourite by far.

Week four was a prayer book spray, that could also be used as a hat or bag corsage.  books are quite popular at weddings now to use as decoration, so I quite liked this idea.

And finally week five.  A bridesmaid's pomander.  I quite enjoyed this one, surprisingly simple, and it came together pretty quickly too.

I'm loving having this one hanging on my bed at the moment.  It looks so pretty.  Not a bad sight to wake up to of a morning :)

We have got 2 weeks off now, so there won't be any more photos of flowers for a couple of weeks, unless I find the time to make something at home.  I doubt it, I'm struggling with time at the moment, but I'm working on it so you never know, watch this space.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. Beautiful! Do your course fees cover the cost of the flowers or do you have to pay each week for what you use? You are so lucky that you get to bring each lovely arrangement home with you. So much flowery beauty to enjoy each week!

  2. Ooh, you have been having fun lately! Your arrangements are just lovely. You'll get so much enjoyment out of the fact that you will have made the flower arrangements for your own wedding. I did mine (many years ago), they were dried flowers and very similar to the pomander you've made, so as you say, pretty easy but they were my first attempt and saved me heaps of money. It's so exciting planning your wedding and new home, I look forward to more on the subject! Have fun! X