Thursday, 13 June 2013

Catching Up In Dedham

I'm still here, I've not disappeared.  It seems as though Instagram has taken over from my blogging days but I really miss this place and I need to allow myself more time to blog.  As much as I love Instagram for how quick, easy and convenient it is, it doesn't have that personal touch that blogging seems to have, you know, like the chatty side of things.  Well I don't seem to think so anyway.

I often find that I don't have much to blog about, when in truth sitting here now I can think of a dozen posts that I could publish on here.  I tend to put too much pressure on myself when in reality I really shouldn't.

A couple of years back I started writing lists, kind of like a bucket list but seasonal ones.  I did one for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  You know what, I still write those lists, but because they never seem to have much on them I haven't been blogging about them.  The truth be known that I have actually been achieving near enough everything on the lists, I suppose because it is more manageable.  Well I'll blog about this years lists another time.

For now I wanted to share with you a little day trip me and James took a couple of weekends ago to Dedham.  It truly is such a beautiful village, so picturesque.  We stopped off at Chapel Train station on the way there.  We have been there a few times for their annual beer festival.  This time we didn't go inside, I just wandered about outside  taking a few photos (the secret here is that I was actually feeling travel sick and we had to stop so I could take my mind off it for a while.  it was either that or me spewing all over the car!  Now that would have been a sight!)  

Chapel itself is another lovely place, even the viaducts look lovely.  All of those photos were taken while driving along.  I plan to make a visit especially to Chapel, where we can view the station properly without it being packed out with loads of people for an event.

I feel like I'm becoming I right anorak with all these train posts what with my previous post about Bodiam haha.

So by now, feeling a bit better, I got back in the car and we drove the short distance to Dedham.  James had never been before, he was a little disappointed as there isn't really a huge amount to do, but it is just so pretty.  I am quite happy wandering about looking at all the lovely houses covered in wisteria, or on previous visits a stop in the tea room usually makes my day :) (we didn't stop there that day though)

We spent a good half an hour to an hour wandering around the streets, spotting different things that catch your eye.  It was nice just having quality time together without any other cares in the world.  And for a change the sun was shining so we made sure that we made the most of it.

I don't know about anyone else but the photo above reminds me of the film The Notebook (love that film, the book is brilliant too)  It isn't that clear but the white blob next to the lake is a small rowing boat.

I could wander around this village for hours, it really is so beautiful.  I would love to live here one day.  I can't honestly see it ever happening, but hey, you never know.

One thing I was really pleased that we got the chance to do while we were there, was hire one of their rowing boats.  It was such a glorious day it seemed a shame to waste the opportunity.  It is something I have wanted to do for some time and funnily enough it is on this year's summer list which I mentioned earlier and will blog about more another time.

I haven't got any photos of us in the boat, James wouldn't pose for a photo so the ones I have got are not really very flattering as he is the one doing all the hard work and rowing.  We attempted to swap places but it rocked the boat somewhat I panicked and so he carried on haha (I'm pretty sure we looked quite comical to anyone else that would have been watching).

I love days like this and I hope there are still plenty more to come later this year.  Thank you Dedham for having us :)  It was a pleasure as always.

Love Gem x x  x