Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Summer List

A bit late I know, especially as all this sunshine we have been having recently probably means that we have now had our summer. I'm hoping not though as I have been loving this hot & sunny weather.

So there you have it my summer list for 2013.  I have already crossed one of them off, earlier in the year on a trip to Dedham, row a boat on a lake.  OK so it was a river not a lake but that is good enough for me.  It wasn't me rowing either but again I can live with that.  I suppose if the opportunity arose to do it again I would row next time but for now I can happily say it is one thing ticked off the list. 

I've been keeping busy over the past few weeks and have lots to catch up on, that includes crossing another 2 things off my list.  I'll be doing a few catch up posts hopefully over the next week or so.  At the same time I'll be catching up on all your posts.  I'm still struggling to find the time to read all your blogs, I'm currently 5 weeks behind :s I'm determined to get there though, I promise I'll be catching up with you very soon.

Until then,

Gem x x x x

1 comment:

  1. I am sure you'll complete your list before the summer wanes! In fact, I bet you'll be able to add to it before the fall arrives!