Thursday, 15 August 2013

Getting My Craft On

My yarn bombing antics are not the only creative outbursts I have had recently.  I've been sewing, I've been stitching I've been painting and sticking.  There has been quite a bit of craftiness going on under my roof.

First up I finally made some bunting to go on the basket of my bike.  After making some for a friend back in January I eventually got round to making some for myself.  Now all I need to do is actually ride the thing.  It has sat in the garage for 2 years, note to self I must make more of an effort to use it.

I've also been crafting for our new home (not so new now after 6 months, where did that go?!)  After seeing some patterns that I liked in some of my Cross-Stitcher magazines I finally settled for one to be displayed in a gorgeous hoop I'd picked up from a local charity shop, to hang in our living room.

And the painting, well this bedside cabinet was bought from a furniture charity shop, it was a bit chipped and lacking something.  After a quick sand down, a lick of paint and a piece of wallpaper to brighten it up, I was really pleased with the finished piece, it makes such a difference to our guest bedroom and really finishes it off nicely.

There are a few other craft projects I'm working on at the moment but they will have to wait until after Christmas before being revealed as they gifts for friends and relatives.  I'm starting early this year in a bid to get tit all done in time. 

Love Gem x x x


  1. I found a whole pile of those hoops when we were unpacking!! Long term plan is to use them for pretty things for my house and for pressies.

    Am sorely tempted to give my bike basket some bunting - am sure there's some oil cloth in the fabric stash somewhere!

  2. All looking lovely! I still havn't done up my bedroom stool I bought about two years ago! Your cupboard is great x

  3. I do like the bunting around the basket. It just transforms it from plain to pretty in a simple step.

    Well done on getting an early start on Crimbo. It'll soon be here before we know it ;)

  4. Ride that bike! How cute is that basket bunting! You should want to parade it around enedlessly! :) Gret job on that little cabinet. Paint is so, refreshing, isn't it?

  5. Lovely craftiness - your bunting makes me wish I had a basket on the front of my bike (also not ridden for a couple of years!) Best wishes, Pj x

  6. I have been absent from blogland for a while but am back and so pleased to see you still blogging. I do enjoy seeing what you have been up to. :)