Friday, 28 February 2014

A Living Room Update

So we have been in our little home now for just over a year.  Yes, hasn't that year flown by, and do you know what?! I am still loving every second of it.  It is literally like living my dream.  Not long after we had moved in I wrote a series of posts showing you around our little home, however I noticed that I never re-visited the living room which at the time was still somewhat un-finished.

The sofa and arm chair were cover less, we were without a TV stand and to be honest it was lacking in my opinion that homely feeling that I had managed to achieve in some of the other rooms.  In actual fact there were some rooms that weren't even visited at all, perhaps that is something I should change, watch this space.  

The sofa and arm chair are now covered in yes, floral covers (I love a bit of floral, and a bit of Ikea)

The TV is stood on a lovely pine cabinet.

And our new bookcase that I mentioned in my last post, I know I included this photo before, but thought I'd show you its position in the room.

This is the room we probably spend most of our time.  It is where I have sat to type out this post.  It is where I sit to knit and cross stitch.  It is where we naughtily sit and eat our dinner from our laps, even though there is a dining room with a perfectly good table just next door.  It is without doubt the cosiest room in our home and definitely the warmest room (the bungalow does get very chilly during these colder months).  It is also my most favourite room in our little home for all of the above reasons.

~ Gem x 


  1. This all looks lush! I LOVE your floral living room, mind if I move in?! x x x

  2. It looks lovely! My husband would never let me have covers like that sadly!x

    1. Thank you Kezzie. I'm really lucky, James doesn't mind anything like that, In fact it was actually him that picked the sofa covers, I would have gone for something more neutral for his sake but he was happy with floral so who am I to complain :) x x x

  3. It looks like a wonderful space. I have the IKEA sofas and they're fabulous and it's great you can change up the covers if you fancy a change.


  4. It does look very cosy! I can't wait for us to have a room like this :)

    Gemma x