Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Getting Creative

I've been feeling a lot more creative recently. My head is filled with so many projects that I'd like to work on, but for the time being I thought I'd share with you some bits I have made already.

Starting back before Christmas, I actually managed to give away a few handmade gifts this year, I was so pleased with myself.  I say I'm going to do it every year and never actually get round to it, well this year I did.

Firstly I made a reversible apron for my bestie Marie.  It isn't amazing but for my first ever apron I was very chuffed.  I was perhaps a bit ambitious going for a reversible apron but it worked well. 

 Looking a bit pregnant in my modelling photos, I can assure you I'm not. 

Secondly was a scarf for another friend, he loves animal print so when I spotted this wool I knew I had to get it and knew exactly what to do with it.

Then after spotting this cute fabric in a new quilting magazine that was out a fair few months back, I knew just the person who would appreciate it.  A small hoop was just the trick to display it in.  I filled the middle of the hoop and stitched on some backing fabric, a very simple craft but very effective in my opinion and my friend was most pleased with it, bless her.

I also made a wheat bag for one of my Nan's but forgot to photograph that (really need to improve on this whole photo taking malarkey which is strange because I'm forever taking photos of things - obviously just not the right things)

A little something for myself, a cross stitched keyring, a kit that came free with one of the Cross Stitcher magazines a couple of months ago.  Almost finished, as soon as I can find the keyring attachment, I know it is around here somewhere. 

There are a few projects that I am still working on at the moment too.  Another scarf, this one is for James.  After watching me knitting up the last scarf he requested one for himself, it's getting there, slowly.  It will be ready by next winter at least, although the way the weather is turning again, he may be needing it sooner than that.

I'm also working on a cross stitch pattern from an old Cross Stitcher magazine.  I started it months and months ago and sort of lost interest but am determined to get it finished, so that has been picked up again and progress is being made.

On top of that there is a whole heap of things that I am creating for the wedding.  Some of that I will be able to reveal soon but the rest of it I'm afraid you will have to wait until after the big day in October as I don't want to give too much away.

Back soon.

Love Gem x x x x

Friday, 21 March 2014

In My Hometown

Since moving into our new home over a year ago, I have admired the village we live in every day.  I love it.  I'd passed through it many times before and never imaged I would ever live there, it's funny how things pan out.  I thought I'd share with you a few photos.  Perhaps you will be able to see for yourselves why I love it so much.

All the photos in this post have been taken around the green area.  I will try to do a follow up post on other areas around the village soon.

I drive past the green almost every day.  It's the heart of the village if you like, and is such a beautiful spot, at all times of the year.

But in spring the colour just bursts out, with daffodils sprouting up at the base of all the trees, it looks so pretty.

It just has so much about it, so much history, so much character.

It's quite a large green.  Used for various things throughout the year.  A children's fair at the beginning of the summer, a circus later on in the summer time, the remembrance service in November and home to a beautiful Christmas tree in December.

And not to mention the pond.  Always filled with many ducks who call it home, and from time to time a beautiful swan.

Each of the buildings surrounding the green have their own purpose.

Their own story.
I mean honestly, why would you not want to visit this Library and Post Office?
I'm not a religious person but even the church sits so nicely in the centre of the village.
And this house looks just beautiful once all the flower is out on the wisteria.  I'll try to show you a photo once it has bloomed.
The pub is pretty sweet too.
I've always wanted to live in a village.  There is just something about them.
So quaint, and picturesque.
So this is the village green in Spring.  I'll post again in Summer, and if I can Autumn and Winter.
Love Gem x x

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Blooming Felt

I spent a good part of my afternoon yesterday at Blooming Felt's shedquarters.  They were having an open day and it would have been rude not to have dropped in.  Do you want a look round?

I love the colours in here, they really pop out at you.

From the bright pink carpet, which feels oh so soft underfoot.

To the choices of felt that adorn the rows upon rows of shelves.

And if that wasn't enough, check out the felt ball rug. 

It's like a giant jazzie.

I just love this thing.

Anything felt related can be bought from here.  From the wool to make the felt yourself, to sheets of felt, or needle felted shapes (balls, hearts & stars)

Ready made I-pad covers, lovely and soft.  And displayed on a pretty button rug.

And it's not just felt related products that you can buy, oh no.  There are ribbons galore.

Zips, very pretty lacy zips to be precise.

And all other kinds of crafty related products.  It really is a crafter's haven.

You can even buy a signed copy of their very own book Felt Fantastic.

If you fancied to pay Sarah a visit yourself, the shop is located near Chelmsford in Essex and is open on Friday mornings.  If it's a bit too far for you to travel or you can't make Friday mornings fear not, they have a fab website www.bloomingfelt.com where you can place your orders online and they will be picked up right here in shedquarters.

And of course I couldn't leave without buying anything.

I made a few little purchases for a spot of wedding crafting.

How cute are these little needle felted hearts?  They are gorgeous.

You can often find Blooming felt at many of the London craft shows, one to look out for very soon is Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace this September.  But why wait till then, pop over to their website now.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Love Gem x x x x

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Great British Sewing Bee

Have you been watching it?

I love it.  I cannot get enough of it.  I wasn't sure what to expect after loosing interest quickly after the first series had begun, but I thought I would give this one a chance.  I'm glad I did. 

Image sourced from Pinterest.

I am in love with Lynda and would really like for her to win.  She just seems like such a lovely, down to earth lady and I love her cheekiness too, she is a real character. 

They all seem like a really good bunch this year.  I've really been enjoying sitting down each week to watch it.  Even James has been getting into it hehee.  We only have the one TV so we have no choice but to sit and watch what the other is watching.  Luckily neither of us are too bothered by TV, we could go a few days without turning it on and wouldn't think much of it.

Image sourced from Pinterest.

Up until this week I feel that the right person has gone from the sewing room, I'm not so sure I feel the same about tonight's though, but I won't say anything, I don't want to ruin it for those of you who may not have seen it yet.

So now all there is to do is wait a whole week for the next stage of the Sewing Bee and to see who goes out next.

Love Gem x x x x

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spring in the Garden

Well what a beautiful day that was.

It seems that Spring has truly arrived and it's let us all know about it.

We practically spent all day in the garden today, it was lovely.

The chickens loved the sunshine and treated themselves to many a dust bath plus lost of sunbathing.

We even managed to have our second BBQ of the year.  not bad considering it's still only the first week in March.

Hope you have all had a wonderful day too.

Love Gem x x x

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

February's Article

Good evening my lovelies.  Just a quick post today to share with you my article that I submitted for the February edition of the local magazine I write for.

If you missed my original post about the magazine you can read about it here.

February's article is all about Cross Stitch, my favourite craft (well for the time being anyway, there is always something new out there to tempt me).  You can find me here on page 9 (it's not a page 3 kind of thing, trust me :p).

The design for this phone case was found through Pinterest, the colour choices my own.  Although now I have finished it, I wish I had of chosen different colours for the hearts on the left hand side, but ho hum.  I'm pleased with it overall though.

So until next time, Happy Crafting.

Love Gem x x x x

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Springtime 2014

There is no doubt about it, there are definitely signs of spring around.  We have been treated to a few bright and sunny days (notice how I say a few!  The rain has still been making appearances letting us know it is never far away).

Springtime always makes me think of new beginnings, new challenges, new experiences, new adventures, a fresh start. 

I feel all of this, more now than at new year's, maybe it is because of the brighter days (when we have them) the flowers brightening up and adding colour to otherwise dull spaces in the garden, a new lease of life as tiny little lambs begin to fill the countryside and signs of oilseed rape that can be seen from miles away as summer sets in. 

I have noticed the seasons so much more over the past year and I'll be honest now I have experienced it, I cannot imagine living my life any other way.  Living in the countryside (and I know I do not live deep in the countryside, but I'd like to, one day)  you become one with nature, it sounds crazy I know but that is honestly how I feel.  I definitely appreciate it all so much more now.

As the blossom covers the trees and the bulbs begin to flower, bringing with them colour and promises of better things to come, let's hope Spring 2014 is a good one.

Love Gem x x x x