Saturday, 1 March 2014

Springtime 2014

There is no doubt about it, there are definitely signs of spring around.  We have been treated to a few bright and sunny days (notice how I say a few!  The rain has still been making appearances letting us know it is never far away).

Springtime always makes me think of new beginnings, new challenges, new experiences, new adventures, a fresh start. 

I feel all of this, more now than at new year's, maybe it is because of the brighter days (when we have them) the flowers brightening up and adding colour to otherwise dull spaces in the garden, a new lease of life as tiny little lambs begin to fill the countryside and signs of oilseed rape that can be seen from miles away as summer sets in. 

I have noticed the seasons so much more over the past year and I'll be honest now I have experienced it, I cannot imagine living my life any other way.  Living in the countryside (and I know I do not live deep in the countryside, but I'd like to, one day)  you become one with nature, it sounds crazy I know but that is honestly how I feel.  I definitely appreciate it all so much more now.

As the blossom covers the trees and the bulbs begin to flower, bringing with them colour and promises of better things to come, let's hope Spring 2014 is a good one.

Love Gem x x x x

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  1. Punch this into your google images search and see what comes up..
    The Wheel of the Year.
    I`ve printed one off and I`m enjoying the old names for the seasons.