Monday, 12 May 2014

Cooking Up A Storm in the Kitchen

Having looked at all the rooms in my little home, the one room that hasn't been visited is the kitchen.

In some homes it is known as the heart of the home, not the case in my world.  I'm really not a fan of cooking, that is James' department.  The item I use the most in the kitchen is the washing machine, second to that the kettle, but hardly ever the oven.  I do the odd bit of baking and I would love to do more, but maybe after the wedding once I have some more spare time on my hands (just in time for Christmas though mind you (excuse me for using the C word in May!) ).

When it came to moving in all of our belongings we noticed that we had no kitchen drawers, yep not even 1.  Fortunately we had enough space to fit in a butchers block that had 2 drawers in it plus it was some extra surface space too.

This is the one room that has escaped my floral touches.  In fact it is the only room, apart from the hallway but I don't think you could count that as a room in this house, it's tiny.  I have added some little touches though such as the fabric curtain on the butchers block, the carrier bag holder (made by me) oven gloves (OK, they may have  a slight floral touch) and some small paint jobs on the spice rack and kitchen roll holder.

I've tried bringing in some colour as much as possible in this room, mainly blues and red's to match our dinner set.  Got to keep it all coordinating.  I'm not a fan of chrome so we have gone for a red bin again adding to the colour, and did have a red kettle until that broke and so we have opted for a white plastic one, not my first choice but it boils water so I can't complain.

I had always worried about renting before.  Being unsure how we could make it feel like our own.  If it is one thing that I have learnt from living here it's that you don't have to own your house for it to feel like home.  We have been able to make thins place feel like ours without painting any of the walls or adding wallpaper.  The furniture and accessories are totally what have made it feel like home.  So when the time comes that we will have to move out of this house, as sad as I will feel to have to leave this little beaut of a place behind us, at least I know our home will be moving with us to the new location.

~ Gem x     


  1. sweet kitchen. I find it so hilarious that washing machines are in kitchens in England. A space thing perhaps? Most people have laundries down under or a huge cupboard (like a pantry cupboard. )When I lived in England in 1996, the first time I ever used a front loader (the first time I had ever seen one!), I actually sat down and watched it. Ha! they are a lot more common here now, but top loaders still a lot more popular.

  2. Thank you Kimberley, I would love to have a utility area where I can do all my laundry, but for now I will have to settle for the space machine in the kitchen :) . It's funny how the machines are so different, I wonder why there are still 2 types about? You would have thought that by now it would be one or the other but I suppose it all falls down to what people are used to.
    The good thing with the front loader is that you still have workspace on top I guess, but the top loaders are a lot easier to load and unload.
    Who knew washing machines could be so interesting haha x x x x

  3. No draws is just mad in a kitchen. . . The thing about England is there aren't cellars in every house. In Germany everyone has a cellar and that's where the washer, dryer, chest freezer, bar, gym, etc goes but in UK houses are just built differently. (I know some have utility rooms but most don't).
    Love the spice rack, we need one, currently they are in a cake tin. . . ;)

  4. hee hee -down under I mean New Zealand/ Australia. 1960 houses have basements where laundries may be, but mostly they are just a small room alongside another room in the house. I have used both type - I do think front loaders wash clothes better but they take a lot longer than a top loader (1/2 wash for top loader.) Different powders/liquids for each machine too. And we , on the whole, hang laundry outside in our backyard. Or have a Chinese laundry inside in winters - I am not a huge fan of a clothes drier. :) Laundry si so different everywhere. :)