Sunday, 22 June 2014

Segway's at Leeds Castle

Whenever someone mentions a Segway to me, I am automatically transported to thoughts of the film Mall Cop.  Did you ever see that film?  I suppose it is because that was the first time I had ever been made aware of this mode of transport.  I never imagined that I would actually use one in my lifetime.

That time came a few weekends ago as we celebrated my Dad's birthday.  We made the journey to Leeds Castle in Kent.  Considering how close it is to us, I've never been to Leeds castle before and although we couldn't go into the castle itself, the grounds are beautiful, especially on a bright summers day.

The Segway's were great fun, once I had mastered how to use it.  The whole thing is controlled by weight distribution and once you get over the initial fear of thing, it is actually pretty easy.

We opted for the 1 hour session which turns out was the adventure course.  There was another group that joined us who had booked onto the scenic course.  If I were to do it again I wouldn't change the course that we had booked.  By the time you get the hang of using the Segway half hour has already passed so it was good to have the second half hour.  The other group left us to head back, so with fewer of us we could really enjoy the end of the session by ourselves.

The surroundings were perfect, such pretty views.  The company was brilliant, it was so nice spending time together as a family, something we don't get to do as much now.  And the activity was good fun, we had a real laugh and what was even better was that no one had any accidents :)  Win, win situation.

Love Gem x x x x

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