Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Willingale Churches

As I've got older I have started to appreciate architecture in buildings more and more.  I'm not a religious person, I don't attend church and can't see me ever doing so, but there is something quite special about the architecture of a church.

We have visited Greensted church close to Ongar before, the oldest wooden church in the world, and were planning on visiting it again a couple of weekends ago, when we had a slight change of plan.  We decided instead to drive to Willingale to see the 2 churches.  I'm glad we had the change of plan as it was quite a sight.

Willingale is a tiny little village yet it has 2 churches.  These 2 churches share the one graveyard.  The churches stand side by side, right next to each other.  I've never seen anything like this before and doubt I will see it again anywhere else.  Please let me know if you have seen something similar.

There are a couple of stories as to why there are 2 churches but nothing that seems to be set in stone.  What ever the reason behind it is, it was very interesting to see.

The views beyond the churches wasn't too bad either.  

It made for a lovely afternoon out and a spot of fresh air and it was nice to visit somewhere different that we haven't been before.  Especially as it is literally on our doorstep.  It only took us 15 minutes to get there, crazy to think of all the places that surround us that we never visit.

So if you are interested in churches or architecture and are around Essex, why not stop off at Willingale.  It is worth a look.

~ Gem x


  1. I lived in Bird's Green, Willingale, for 7 years (until 1984), and my two older sons went to Willingale School (no longer a school). We actually took part in the "No to Willingale Airport" movement. A probable explanation to the reason for two churches can be seen here http://www.willingale.org/wp/willingale-village/the-two-churches-of-willingale-village/

  2. How interesting about the churches (I have popped over from Tracy's blog) - I have recently been exploring some old village churches myself and posted about them on my own blog although I felt I was in a minority with this interest - they certainly do have an atmosphere that is spiritual but like you I don't feel the need to conform to enjoy them. It would be very interesting to know why those two churches sit together like this. Nice to find your blog. Betty