Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Norpar Barns

I really want my blog to represent what is going on in my life right now.  I find it hard to find the time to blog as regularly as I used to, but I'm determined to make more of an effort to blog regularly and to catch up with what is happening right now in my little world.  There are still quite a few posts in the pipeline but I thought I'd fast forward to the weekend that has just passed and my visit to Norpar barns in Navestock, Essex with my bestie Marie.

I've visited once before but not all the barns were open, I'm glad I re-visited, and will be going back again, especially once Christmas time approaches.

We started off by mooching around the flower and gift barn and then headed off to the summer tea barn for a yummy cream tea.

If your in the area, I'd recommend a visit, even if just for the cream tea, it was lovely.

Beautiful miss matched china and yummy food.

And gorgeous surroundings.  We picked a lovely little table by the window, the view was perfect.

There were even some welcomed little visitors.

I secretly wanted to sneak them home in my handbag, they were so cute.  I'm not sure my girls back at home would agree though, I think they are quite happy as they are.

It is a lovely place.  I'd love to have something like this myself, I would literally be in my element.  I'll update you with the Christmas barns once they are open (a little while yet I know, but it will be here before you know it, and you all know how much I love Christmas hehee).

~ Gem x

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  1. Oh yes, I went there one Christmas, it's really nice!x