Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Superdrug: On Our High Street's for 50 Years

This year Superdrug is celebrating it's 50th birthday.  It is a well known shop that can be found on most high streets.  To mark the occasion they have launched some limited edition products to celebrate.  I was kindly sent a selection of these to try out.

I've never been one for pampering or beauty products and tend to use the same things month after month.  So what better excuse then to try something new.

Of all the products the mascara is probably my favourite.  Easy application, no clumps and it lasts all day.  You could say it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Next favourite product is the face mask.  Who doesn't love a face mask?  For someone who isn't a pamper kind of girl even I tend to do the odd mask every now and again, and the peel off ones are my favourite.  I get a great deal of pleasure from these.  It smelt lovely.  There is nothing worse than applying a face mask for it to absolutely stink and knowing that it has to stay on for a good five minutes for it to do anything, I hate that, but this was very pleasant so all was good.  After using this my skin felt extremely soft.  It is something I will be using again.

The nail polishes pretty as they are, are not really my kind of style so I have only used them on my toes. The glitter is very well proportioned and gives a great effect once the polish has dried.  Perfect for those summer sandals.

I don't wear lipstick so the lip is going to be a difficult one for me to test.  I had thought about trying it out when I have my make up trials for the wedding and mentioned to my Mum about it.  She knew the product I was talking about straight away and told me how she used to use it years ago when she wore lipstick (she doesn't tend to wear lipstick any more) so that settles it, this will be one of my beauty must haves for my big day, keeping those lips looking luscious ;p  

You hear (and see) so many horror stories about fake tan and having tried a few products before I have always tended to steer clear.  My skin is very pale, it would always be nice to have a bit of extra colour so I was keen to try this product out. However I still haven't plucked up the courage to try it but I will and when I do I promise to give it a review here on the blog. 

The only product I haven't tried and am not likely to try any time soon is the hair colour remover. My hair is natural, I've only ever dyed it once before and that was quite a few years ago, so I don't think I could give this product a fair try even if I did use it.

For the products I've not yet tried, I will be reviewing them once I've given the a go so do check back to see how I get on.

Love Gem x x x x

N.B Although I have been given these products to try all opinions are my own.

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