Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Gifts

Well that's it for another year, Christmas 2014 is over.  I had a lovely Christmas spent with my family, our first time hosting our very own Christmas.  Everything went well and we all had a wonderful day.

Once again I was spoilt by all of my loved ones.  I received some gorgeous gifts.  

This Laura Ashley Pie dish from my Nan, although I'm sure it will mostly be James using it seeing as he does all the cooking in our household, but I may make a few sweet pies in it :)

I'm also looking forward to filling this pretty plant pot she bought us too.

Mum and Dad bought us this door mat, quite appropriate for us if you ask me ha ha.

The girls in the family are also off for a spa day in the new year too.  I can't wait for that.

Marie really spoilt me this year.  With lots of lovely gifts.  I'd seen this door mat in a shop and commented how it looked like our own chickens, she sneakily went back and bought it, the crafty mare.

She knows how much I love Christmas and also bought these cute tea towels and a gorgeous Christmas teapot, which I've forgotten to photograph, you will just have to take my word for it.

She also made this gorgeous table runner.  It's the first thing she has properly sewn and I am thrilled to be the owner of it.  It's absolutely stunning, I love it.  Far too good to get anything spilt on it from the dinner table so it will be used on our dresser or even as a bed runner at the bottom of the bed.

While we are on the subject of handmade gifts.  Another good friend of mine knitted this scarf up for me.  She only started knitting this year so I am overwhelmed with this beauty.

I love the colour of it too, and it feels sooooo soft.  It's perfect.  i really do like a home-made gift :)

The brother in law also did well this year.  He bought me a personalised T-Shirt, which I LOVE.  Plus a pair of Pj bottoms that match perfectly.

James got one too.

My mother in law knows me well.

I've already started filling this in ready for next year.  My Obsessive Christmas Disorder will be taken to a whole new level hahaha.

I'm so pleased with all my gifts this year.  I've done very well, wouldn't you agree?

What were your favourite gifts this year?

Love Gem x x x  

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  1. Oo a Christmas organiser! How cool! Lovely gifts Gem. I'm planning on doing a post too so keep your eyes peeled : )

    Gemma x