Wednesday, 11 February 2015

February - The Month of Love

Hello my lovelies, how are we all?

I have never been much of a fan of Valentines day.  Step into my home right now and you'd most probably disagree with that statement.

I am a sucker for things with hearts on.

I'm also a bit of a sucker for home decorations and I love an excuse to decorate our home for the various seasons throughout the year.

Lucky for me, James is happy to entertain me and my little ways.  I think it is more a case that he can't be bothered to put up with my protests if he were to stop me doing it, that and he knows I would most probably start sneaking bits in anyway, I'm naughty like that hehee.

Over the years we have never made a fuss with cards or gifts.  Some years there are cards, some there are not, it's no biggie in this household and I'm OK with that.

The cards that have been exchanged have been kept in a box (that is never rarely looked at) so this year I thought I'd dig them out and use them as part of my decorating.  I mean, what is the point in them sitting in a box under the bed, it's silly.  At least this way we get to see them and can enjoy them all over again.

I'm also a little bit in love with the heart bunting I have hung them from.  It is from Poundland.  Yes it cost me just £1.  I swapped the ribbon they had provided for some twine, just because I preferred it, and with the leftover hearts in the pack I made up an additional string of bunting to go along the mantelpiece.

It certainly brightens the place up a bit, especially as the place feels so bare now all the Christmas decorations are down.

Me and James have an exciting day planned for this Valentines.  It just sort of happened that way, it isn't because it's Valentines but I suppose it is kind of nice that it is.  I love being able to spend quality time with him and what better day to do it.

Do you celebrate Valentines Day?  What are your plans?

~ Gem x

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  1. Love that heart bunting on your fireplace. I think I'd leave that up all year!