Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The View

I may be a country girl, but I LOVE London.  Don't get me wrong, I couldn't live there, but I do enjoy visiting.  This Saturday saw a day trip to London for myself and James and first stop was The Shard.

For us, as it is for many, The Shard is a landmark we have seen appear on the skyline of London and in the past couple of years have admired it on many occasions.  We have said more than once that we would visit one day and check out the view from the top, Saturday was that day.

When we arrived it was literally like passing through airport security, having to take off our coats and empty our pockets, stepping through metal detector, checking that we are not a danger.  It felt kind of odd but on the same token it made me feel safe.  They seemed to be managing the queues well too.

The lift ride was quite different too.  The ceiling was made from TV screens.  I must admit though, I found myself drawn to the numbers flying up on the wall as we climbed the levels of the building and after the second lift ride we soon arrived up on the 69th floor.  

The view was pretty spectacular.  You could see for miles even though the day was overcast.  I'd love to see it on a clear day.  I wouldn't mind seeing it at night with the city all lit up too.

It was great being able to see the city in a different light.  Looking down on it all, like we have never done before.

If you've not visited The Shard yet and your going to be in London, get it booked up.  It is an experience, one that I'm really pleased I was able to enjoy with my man.

Our day in London didn't end here but I shall save the rest for another blog post.

~ Gem x


  1. Despite passing / looking at The Shard multiple times of the day I haven't yet had an opportunity to visit, it's one of the list.

    Victoria x

  2. Why hello there! I think you seem to have dropped out of my commment feed, I will try GFCing you again so I can see when you've posted. I thought of you this morning as I found that EBKA magazine you sent me.
    I always look forward to your posts and this is great! The shard sounds a great place to visit- I'd definitely like to go at some point.

    Thank you for your great feedback on my post- that's lovely. Yes, comments have definitely dropped off. I am a waffler meister so I'd find it hard to not blog (I debated giving it up for Lent as it is singularly my worst vice, I really should do it but really didn't want to)
    I was in Chelsmford the other day, it's not far now! xxx

  3. Lovely to see you both you are a handsome couple x

  4. Very cool views! It's a whole different angle on London. Imagine how far you'd have seen on a clear sunny day!?!