Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Easter Baking - Creme Egg Brownies

I don't bake half as much as I'd like to.  It's one of the things I don't allow any time for.  Perhaps I need to change that.  The last time I had baked was before Christmas, yes, Christmas, that was over 3 months ago (I did tell you I don't allow much time for it)

I've seen pictures of Creme Egg Chocolate Brownies for the past few years and have always told myself that I would attempt it, but up until now, still hadn't done anything about it.  I've no idea why because it was so easy.  I'll definitely be making them again because they tasted lush.

I got the recipe from the BBC Good Food website here.  It was really easy to follow and turned out really well.

So if you have thought about making it yourself, do it, your missing out if you've not tried it yet.

~ Gem x


  1. Oh these look absolutely scrumptious! I bet the centres of those eggs became gooey and luscious after baking. I've pinned the recipe for next year - and will be able to make the gluten-free for my hubby.

  2. These always look so tempting when they seem them but I think it'd be a bit too sickly for me! Esp as I'd want to eat a whole tray of them!

    Victoria x

  3. Oh. Em. Gee. They look AMAZING!
    Happy Sunday
    Love Jooles x x x

  4. Oh these look gooood! If the kids see this I will have some serious pressure to make them. yum!