Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Walk Through the Countryside

There is something quite special about being able to step out from your own home and seconds later be walking across open fields.

It is times like this that I feel so thankful that we live where we do, although we don't take advantage and go out for walks half as much as we should.    

There is so much to see.  Things you would never see driving along in the car.  

Being able to stop and look at things properly, in detail.

Being able to breathe everything in and appreciate things for what they are.

We have walked part of the route before but this time we took a slightly different course.

It is amazing what was literally right around the corner from the footpath we took the last time, hidden from view yet so close from where we stood.

Oh how I would love to live right here.  A true hidden gem, literally in the middle of nowhere.  It is just so beautiful.

It felt so good to be out embracing nature.

Hopefully there will be plenty more opportunities over the next few months.

So long as the weather warms up and summer actually makes an appearance long enough for us to enjoy it.

Love Gem x x x    

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  1. Fluffy clouds, pretty flowers, handsome man- there's nothing better than an outing like this!!