Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Around the Garden

I love being outside, enjoying our garden.

Watching it change and grow with the seasons.

We were really lucky to have some beautiful plants in our garden already when we moved in, however we have added a lot to it.

I'd like to add even more, but as we only rent our property it would be a shame to keep planting and then not be able to take it away with us to our next home.

I dream of one day owning our very own home with a beautiful cottage garden, that we can keep adding to and watch it grow with us over the years.

Not having to worry about packing up and leaving it behind, or having to think about digging it up to transport to another place, wondering whether it will survive the journey.

For now though, we are enjoying this time right here, right now.

Oh how I love taking time out, even if only five minutes.

Wandering around the garden and looking at all the pretty flowers, breathing in their scent (especially the white roses, divine), and from time to time cutting a few stems to bring indoors to brighten up a windowsill.

Quite often, there is nowhere else I'd rather be.

Love Gem x x x

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