Monday, 22 June 2015

Green Laning in the Land Rover

Back in October not long after the wedding James bought a 1970's Land Rover with a couple of mates.  They have been working on it ever since.  On Friday it passed it's MOT.  I officially became a Landy Widow.

It was a lovely afternoon, perfect for a drive through the countryside.  

James has been researching all the local green lanes for quite some time, now it was time to test them all out.

It was an experience, something I'd never done before, but I can see why people enjoy doing it.  

The views through the countryside were gorgeous, and like the country walks we go on, you see things that you wouldn't otherwise see, and of course because you are driving you can go that bit further afield. 

No doubt there will be plenty more outings of this sort.  Well it would be rude to let him have all the fun wouldn't it!

Love Gem x x x  


  1. So much fun! I can see you doing a lot of "green laning" in your future!!

  2. What a great project and great that you are able to enjoy the results

    Victoria x