Monday, 29 June 2015

Pretty Muddy

We did it.  On Saturday myself and my sister-in-law took part in Pretty Muddy Essex.

I'll be honest, I had absolutely been dreading it.  I wasn't quite sure exactly what to expect.

Once I arrived though and we were preparing to set off, I felt fine and was rearing to go.

We had our little support team with us to cheer us along, James, my Mum and Dad, and James' Mum with her partner.  There was certainly no backing out now.

You could tell that a lot of thought and hard work had gone into arranging the event and the little details such as the names of each of the obstacles did not go un-noticed.

I felt really lost going round without my phone, there were so many photo opportunities but having not known how muddy or wet we were going to get en route we both left our phones back with our supporters at the start line so there isn't much that I can share with you I'm afraid.

The majority of the obstacles were fairly easy although there were a couple that were a little more testing but it all added to the fun of the event.

I'm so pleased that we did it and the most important thing is that we have been able to raise money for Cancer Research at the same time.

There is still time to donate if you wish to do so via my JustGiving page.

Love Gem x x x


  1. Congrats, Gem! You did it - and all for a marvellous cause! So much fun and so much mud! I hope you raced home to enjoy some Lush goodies afterwards. : )