Monday, 15 June 2015

Well Being Garden

I've always enjoyed gardening so when I found out that our local hospital were looking for volunteers to help them create a Well Being Terrace I was quick to get in touch to volunteer my time.

It was a huge blank space waiting to be transformed.

Photo courtesy of Tamae

The plans looked really good but it was going to be a lot of hard work to get it there, and all in less than a week.

Plan courtesy of Tamae

By the time I arrived for my first shift on Tuesday evening, a lot had been achieved already, but there was still a lot more to get done so I got straight to work.

Photo courtesy of Tamae

I started off weeding but I'll be honest I didn't last too long on this job, it was hard work, the ground was solid and the grass was well and truly rooted in amongst the laurels.

Photo courtesy of Tamae

There was a lot of compost that needed distributing to the planters, funny how that sounded a better option but trust me after trying to shift that grass, it was much easier work.

I was back again on Wednesday.  The whole evening was spent filling the planters with compost, it seemed never ending.

Photo courtesy of Tamae

You have no idea the relief we felt once we had emptied the last bag.  I had a long hot soak in the bath that night I can tell you.

Photo courtesy of Tamae

Thursday evening was my last shift and the last night to get it all finished before the grand opening on Friday.  I was pleased that all that needed to be done was planting, my favourite gardening job.

Photo courtesy of Tamae

It was amazing the difference some planters filled with beautiful flowers and shrubs made to the space.  I also loved how the sound sculpture fitted into the space as well, isn't it pretty.

Photo courtesy of Tamae

It was a real transformation and something I feel really proud to have been a part of.

Photo courtesy of Tamae

So if ever you find yourself at Broomfield hospital in Essex be sure to check out our hard work in the Well Being Terrace Garden.

Photo courtesy of Tamae

A big thank you to Tamae and Richard for planning all of this and making it all possible.  I also need to give credit to Tamae for some of these photos which she has kindly allowed me to use, thank you again.

Love Gem x x

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  1. So many people will benefit from all of your hard work! I hope you are proud of yourself!