Friday, 17 July 2015

A List of My Favourite Blogs

We all enjoy reading blogs, isn't that why we are here? I thought I'd do something a little different today and share with you all a list of some of my favourite blogs. I've kept it to just 5 of my favourites, although I read so many so there are still more, but I thought I could save those for another day.  They are not in any particular order and the links to each of the blogs can be found by clicking on the blog name.

Country Rabbit.  A beautiful little treasure of a blog sharing stunning photos taken on long countryside and coastal walks and proves that you don't always need many words to make that perfect blog post, sometimes images say all there is to say.

Lucky Number 13. I just love Amy's honest approach to sharing her feelings and life as a mum with 2 kids.  Seriously there is no beating around the bush with this fun loving American gal, she tells it as it is and I have nothing but respect for her for this.

Coco Rose Diaries.  Take a look around the pastel shades and corners of Vanessa's beautiful home.  The colours in this blog are just beautiful and her crochet masterpieces make me wish that I knew how to crochet myself, I NEED just one of her blankets for those chilly winter evenings to snuggle under.

Cherry Menlove. I have followed Cherry's blog for many years and felt quite star struck when I met her last year at the Country Living Christmas Fair.  Her blog has changed a lot over the years but she still remains to be a blogger I look up to for all that she has achieved.

Madelief.  If you like gardens then this is a blog for you.  Madelief's allotment garden is just out of this world.  How I would love to attend one of her wonderful garden tea parties, to drink tea from one of her gorgeous china teacups whilst admiring the many beautiful flowers around the garden.


So there you have it.  Five of my favourite blogs.  Please pop over and say hello, I'm sure you won't leave disappointed.

~ Gem x


  1. These all look great! I will look at the first one now and come back for the restx. x

    1. I think they are. All slightly different but all have so much to offer. They all have fantastic photography too x x x