Friday, 10 July 2015

Birthday Girl

Today is my 28th Birthday.  My first birthday as a wife.  My first birthday as a married woman.  Seriously, how is any of that even possible?!    

I did think about telling you some things about myself and my life but then I thought my blog kind of tells that story or it certainly has to some degree over the years.  Of course there is more to tell, but I'm sure that will spill out on the pages here at some time or another.

For today I thought I'd try and keep it short and sweet.  I've got the day booked off from work and will be spending it with my Mum and sister in law, we're off to Kew Gardens for the day to enjoy the sunshine and flowers, so I will tell you all about it after the weekend.

Well that's all from me.  I'm off to enjoy my first day being 28.

~ Gem x