Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Reaching New Milestones in the Land Rover

Sunday morning in Essex, the weather wasn't so great.  After a couple of hours of rain James decided to set out for another dive in his good old Landy.  As I had nothing else planned for the day I decided to go along for the ride.  We packed some lunch and headed off out into the Essex countryside.

A new route had been planned and we soon started discovering new roads, byways and parts of Essex we'd not seen before.

I never thought I'd hear myself say it, but I actually quite enjoy going out and exploring in the Land Rover.  Plus it is good spending quality time with James.  And it means he has someone to take photos and videos documenting his little adventures.

After a while we decided to stop for lunch.  It was so peaceful, you could literally hear nothing but the birds.

Lunch eaten we set off again along our planned route.

Although, it wasn't for very long.  A new milestone was reached and we had our first breakdown.  The bonnet was up, I left James to do a bit of tinkering and sat and enjoyed a hot cup of tea from a pretty little china teacup.  Who said there can't be some luxuries?

We were soon back on the road, only this time heading in the direction of home.  We actually managed to pick up the end part of the planned route too so not all was lost.

I'm just thankful that firstly the breakdown happened on the main road and not on a byway, I would have been feeling pretty nervous then.  And secondly that James was able to fix it so we could get back home relatively quickly without having to wait for recovery.  And at least it wasn't raining.  I'm certain that wouldn't have gone down too well.

~ Gem x


  1. Love the new blog "look." Very fresh! I'm glad you hubby is confident in truck repair and got you home safely. If that had happened to my hubby and I, we'd be done for!! Love how you drank tea from a china cup. No excuse fro an ugly mug when flowery prettiness is just as easy to pack!

    1. Thank you Bronwyn.
      I'm glad he was too, I wouldn't of had a clue.
      Well, like you say no point in using anything unsightly is there, plus it's a good excuse to use the pretty ones :)
      Have a lovely day x x x

  2. I really used to love bombing round the Essex lanes in our old Land Rover - many years ago now! NO 4332, wonder if it's still on the road?

    1. It is surprisingly enjoyable, I think James is pleased that I enjoy it anyway haha x x

  3. Oooh, how exciting but how lucky you have a skilled husband. Chris would have no idea. Gem, if you are around on Sunday, there is a flower festival in Woodham Walter, a village between Chelmsford and Colchestet somewhere. My flute quartet are playing at it at around 3ish if you wanted to go along to see the flowers and Incidently hear the music!
    Have you been to Mersea island before? Thst is a lovely drive. X

    1. Ok, I just checked- it is between Danbury and Maldon, so super easy to get to, here's a link to the church


    2. I'm not sure whether we are around this weekend, but if we are then yes I will try and pop in, would be lovely to meet you after all this time.
      Yes we have been to Mersea before, lovely little place, perfect for a stroll along the beach too x x x