Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Things I Know Now, I Wish I'd Known Then

There are often times through my life that I think to myself, I wish I'd known growing up what I know now, how different my life could be.

Now don't get me wrong, I know everything happens for a reason and things in our life may change from time to time, including our thoughts and the decisions we make.

I guess this all stems from the whole thing of nearing 30 and still having achieved nothing, especially career wise in my life.

I often think back to my school days and the options I chose at GCSE.  If I were to be able to chose them again now, I'd pick completely different subjects, without a doubt.  I know I picked what was right for me at the time, but did I really know what was right for me?  I had no idea about the person I was, the person I was going to become or even who I wanted to be, not a clue.

I had no idea that I would enjoy crafts and flower arranging.  I should have picked art as a GCSE subject, but I hated art.

At college I studied Travel & Tourism, how did I not know that five years down the line I would want to be a florist?  The annoying thing is that I still feel like that now, only I can't afford to do the qualification.

Like I said everything happens for a reason.  Studying Travel and Tourism gained me a job at Thomas Cook and had I not of got that job I would never have met my husband, so I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, but I just can't help thinking what if I'd done things differently, but then had I of done so would I be where I am now, living in my little piece of the countryside?

There are many paths we take through life, and hopefully I have many more years ahead of me, with plenty more decisions to make.  Regardless of whether I will agree that these decisions will be the right or wrong ones in years to come, they will shape my future and my life, now isn't that a scary thought.

~ Gem x


  1. It's important to never look back as like you I think everything happens for a reason. I had a situation with a teacher at my school which completely changed my further education and my career aspirations (I keep meaning to blog about it actually!) but I can't complain too much!

    Victoria x

    1. Sounds intriguing :) There is always going to be something or other in life that we may wish we had done differently but then isn't that what life is all about. It's a learning curve for all of us x x x x

  2. I, too, believe all things happen for a reason. I originally planned to attend a different Teacher's College after university but at the last minute changed my mind due to money considerations. I was so sad for weeks, but knew I had to get over it and be happy at the school closer to home. I'm so glad I smiled and got on with it because that is where I started dating Kevin. Without this one small change in my life, all things would have worked out differently. ate works in mysterious ways!
    I know you are unhappy in your job, but is there a way you can do some "flowery" things on the side, even without further qualifications? Could you help with a friend's wedding, or do arrangements for the local church?
    Money wise, could you put a small amount away each pay cheque knowing eventually you'll have enough $$ to attend a class? Probably all things you have already thought of.....
    I hope you can find some career happiness soon, Gem. I hate seeing you so glum.
    xxoxoo, Bronwyn

    1. Who knows what lies around the corner Bronwyn, I work close to home and the hours are good so for now it is convenient so I can't grumble too much and I have no regrets so that is always a good thing.
      I have a few ideas up my sleeve that hopefully I will be able to pull off so watch this space x x x

  3. I think of many things like this- what would have happened if....?
    I guess we will always get there in the end, it just takes a while. I hope you get your dream of being a florist!x

    1. Thank you Kezzie.
      There are always going to be what if's no matter what choices and decisions we make, good to know I'm not alone in thinking them though :) x x x