Monday, 17 August 2015

An Instagram Update

It's been a little while since I did my last Instagram update so here's a little insight to what I've been uploading on there since my last update back in June.

Pretty lavender attracting the bee's in the grounds of our home. 

Raindrops on the bedroom window.

Beautiful sunset across the wheat field.  We are always spoilt with the most stunning sunsets here. 

Stormy skies, and we've been seeing plenty of those recently.

 Raindrops in the garden.

And more raindrops. 

 Welcoming the start of August.

We've been having a regular visitor to our garden over the past few weeks.  I've named him Harry
 (well at least I think he's a he).

We celebrated our friends wedding at this lovely venue, Leez Priory in Essex. 

I placed an order with Heart Vintage UK, it was wrapped beautifully. 

And this is what I ordered, I'm so pleased with it. 

Personalised with our wedding date. 

The geese will soon be migrating.  They have been settling down in the field next to our house, it has been so nice watching them of an evening, especially against the stunning sunset. 

I love seeing the reflection of the sunset against the reservoir.  

See I told you we get spoilt with the sunsets here. 

I literally fall in love with them all over again each time the golden and pink colours paint the sky with their beauty.  It really is enough to take your breathe away. 

There has also been a lot of pottering about at home, admiring little corners.  I am a true homebody and I love surrounding myself with little treasures.  We used this sign as part of one of the many little displays at our wedding, it takes me back to that day each time I see it stood on our dresser.

If your on Instagram, do pop on over and say hello, I'd love to see you there.  You'll find me here @GemsCountryLife.

~ Gem x


  1. You've been leading a very picturesque life lately, Gem! Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Thank you Bronwyn. I try to surround myself with pretty things as often as I can. I'm blessed with my little home though, the views are always pretty spectacular xxx

  2. Lots of lovely photographs. Have found you on instagram.

  3. Your view is incredible onto that wheatfield and I love your lavender!!!! We were in Writtle last week- it was lovely. We had lunch in Mouro's but I wish we'd gone into that pretty garden tea-room behind the giftshop, SO nice!!x

    1. Thank you. I really like Mauro's, only been once but keep meaning to go back. The last time I went to the one behind the gift shop I wasn't too impressed but it has a new manager now, she is lovely so really ought to go back and try it again x x x