Monday, 10 August 2015

Devils Hole

We did a fair bit of walking during our stay in Jersey, mainly along the beaches, over the damp golden sand looking for treasure, but also along some gorgeous coast line.

On Tuesday afternoon following our visit to the War Tunnels we ventured out and came across the Devils Hole.  

We weren't too sure what it actually was so decided to venture along the tree covered path to find out.

There was a lot of rustling beside us in amongst all the trees and undergrowth, it turned out to be a group of goats munching away at all the greenery.  They were so sweet, I'd like some goats one day.

Walking there wasn't so much an issue, coming back was a different story (well for me anyway) as it was all up hill.

It was all worth it though for the views of the cliff sides and beautiful coastline, even on a drizzly day you could see the beauty.

And the Devils Hole, well this is it (below)  I'm guessing it's a blow-hole of sorts, although the sea has eroded a lot of the cliff side away but I should imagine at different tidal times it can be more vigorous.

The area had been cornered off so it was difficult to get a very good view of it but you got the idea.

The name comes from ancient myths and has just stuck, but I'm sure there have been a fair few accidents here in the past so the name in a way is pretty apt for those.

Thankfully the sun made a very welcoming appearance too, it was still a bit chilly but with the sun shining it was definitely more bearable.

And there still stands the devil, standing guard at the entrance of the footpath, It all made a bit more sense once we had seen it.

~ Gem x


  1. The area looks too pretty to be called anything "devilsh" Great statue though. He looks very frightening!

    1. Ha-ha I know what you mean, it was all very picturesque x x x