Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Top 10 Movie Choices

I'd much rather sit and watch a film rather than TV programmes, although as you know from my recent post about TV programmes I've been enjoying recently that isn't always the case.  I have quite a few favourite films, I don't think I could settle on just the one.  So this is my top 10.

The Notebook ~ Nothing beats a good old fashioned romantic and this is definitely one of those.  The first time I watched this film I was really surprised by the ending, I honestly didn't see it coming and it had me in tears so if you've not seen this film yet and you decided to watch it, make sure you have the tissues at the ready.  

Miss Potter ~  Since visiting the Lake District a few years ago I discovered a love for Beatrix Potter and her stories.  This film is a beautiful tribute to the woman herself, the magic of her stories are brought to life, Renee Zelweger plays the part fantastically.  A superb film to watch alone or with the kids.

Life As We Know It ~  I actually went to see this film at the cinema and just had to buy it as soon as it was released.  I've seen it endless times and yet it still has me in fits of giggles.  It's a film that really runs your emotions through the mill and really makes you appreciate what you have.

P.S I Love You ~ Ah where can I begin with this film.  I just LOVE it.  It makes me cry, it makes me laugh.  This takes love to a whole new level.  I'm a huge fan of Cecilia Ahern's books and this film has done the story great credit.  

Atonement ~ I ended up watching this film was due to a book club choice.  I just couldn't get into the book and thought rather than giving up altogether, I would watch the film so I would at least get the gist of the storyline.  I'm so glad I watched it.  A brilliant plot and a film that James will happily watch with me as it isn't all gushy due to the front line action.

You've Got Mail ~ Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, what is there not to love.  I would so love to own the little book shop around the corner, it is so sweet.  This film is a rime example of how you can't always judge a book by its cover.  Mr Fox comes across as being a real nasty piece of work but behind it all he is a loving man at heart.

Eat Pray Love ~  I read the book before I watched the film, both are fantastic.  I'm a big Julia Roberts fan, she is in some incredible films and is a superb actress.  This film secretly makes me want to escape from life to find myself, although I would want to come back to some of it so not sure it would work in quite the same way.

Calendar Girls ~ This film always makes me want to do something good for charity.  I've always fancied joining a WI or something similar and what a laugh it would be to create a calendar like this.  Would you do it?  

The Twilight Saga ~ Wow, wow, wow.  Having only watched this series quite recently, I've no idea how I had not shown an interest in it before.  I was glued to the screen, sat on the edge of my seat with my breath held waiting to see what happens next, I bloody loved it.  In fact I may have to settle down to watch them all again soon.

Saving Mr Banks ~ A classic film brought to us from Disney about bringing the film Mary Poppins to life from the authors draft to the big screen.  It certainly makes you think about the process and the work that goes into it that bit more.

So there are 10 of my favourite films.  Do we share any favourites?  Or can you recommend any must watch flicks?  I'd love to know your thoughts.

~ Gem x


  1. 'm sad to say that I've only seen a few of these films. In the last 10 years, if it doesn't have animated characters in it I probably haven't seen it!! It's raining here today so maybe I'll find one online and treat myself to a mommy movie day!

    1. Do it, everyone needs a bit of me time every once in a while.
      I've not seen an animated film for ages, I'm sure my time will come though x x x

  2. There are some on this list that I couldn't agree more on such as Atonement and The Notebook and others I disagree entirely on like Twilight and Eat Pray Love! Life as we know it is one that my friend and I always joke about saying it's what'll happen to me if anything happened to her!

    Victoria x

    1. Twilight is very far fetched but I can't help but love it. I'm surprised on your opinions of Eat Pray Love, I really liked it, although there are parts of it I could happily miss out if that makes sense. However if we all liked the exact same things it would be a pretty boring world so it's good that you disagree with some of them and appreciate you saying so x x x

  3. I loved the notebook such a beautiful film and no I didn't guess what was going to happen either. I do like Miss Potter and the Calendar girls. I haven't seen the others unfortunately but may have to look them up. I'll have to have a think as to what would be in my top 10 as there are so many films that I could include.

    1. If ever you share them, do tell me, I would love to know :) x x x