Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Saint Marlo

Whilst we were in Jersey we decided to make the most of our location and book a ferry across to Saint Marlo in France for the day.

It made a nice change being able to travel easily and cheaply.  The ferry crossing cost us £30 a person, we would pay around that to get the train into London back home.

I'd been a little nervous as it is no news to myself and James that sea legs I do not have, but thankfully the crossing was really calm.

Saint Marlo itself was very much geared up for all the tourists.  The streets were lined with artists doing caricatures, and there was a huge array of cafes with their tables and chairs flooding out into the streets.  Seeing as we had a few hours to kill we decided to grab a seat and a bite to eat and drink in the atmosphere.

After we'd eaten we wandered the streets some more and did the odd bit of shopping, while doing so we came by Saint Marlo cathedral.  I don't mind admitting that I am, in no way, at all religious.  However, I just had to step inside to check out the huge stained glass window from inside and it did not disappoint.

The sun shone through the tiny pieces of glass creating such gorgeous colour on the floor beneath our feet, it was virtually impossible to capture it properly in a photograph.

We still had a little bit off time before we needed to head back to the port to catch our ferry home so we walked some more and ventured up on top of the city wall.  The views over the harbour were lovely.  

It's funny, I've never seen myself as a coastal kind of girl, always much preferring the inland country views, but during our week away I could actually feel myself growing to love the coastal views and atmosphere just as much.  Maybe it's a case of taking what you have day to day for granted, I don't know but looking out at the calm waters and all the boats was very relaxing.

It's a shame the ferry ride back to Jersey wasn't.  Let's just say, I still haven't found my sea legs. 

Saint Marlo was lovely.  Our week in Jersey was gorgeous, hopefully we'll head back there one day to explore some more but for now it's back to reality.

~ Gem x


  1. What a pretty part of France! Our house in France (in 2014) was less than an hour from here. The coastline along here is beautiful and so well-kept. The French do everything so well!

    1. It was beautiful Bronwyn. In a way I'm a little bit sad that it was so geared up for tourists, I would have much preferred somewhere a bit more traditional if that makes sense, but it was perfect for a day trip x x x

  2. Such a beautiful part of the world, the stained glass reflections on the floor look so pretty! You're so brave going on the ferry! The last time I did it was on the way back from Disneyland and it was so choppy that I just lay across a row of seats with my head under my jacket trying to resist the temptation to text, arrrrgh!

    1. If there had of been enough chairs for me to have laid down on during the journey back I would have done the exact same thing as you, instead I sat with my head against the wall and barely moved except to pick up a sick bag which thankfully I didn't need to use, but it was a close call I can tell you haha x x x