Monday, 31 August 2015

Things I'd Like to Achieve in 2015/2016

Is it just me who gets that feeling of a new year come September?  I guess with a new school year just beginning and nothing much else going on at this time of year it seems a good as time as any to look at things with fresh eyes and consider it a new start.  January can be such a bleak time of year and with us all recovering from Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, resolutions for the year ahead can often be overlooked.

I've not been one for setting myself goals or new years resolutions for a couple of years now, but secretly I actually miss doing them.  So having considered all of this, I have decided to set myself some goals to aim to achieve between September 2015 and August 2016.      

So my goals for the year ahead are:

1.  Attend at least one type of workshop or course and learn something new.  
I quite enjoy learning and studying, so whether it be something academic or creative, I just want to learn a new skill of some kind.  

2.  Join a yoga class.
This is something I've wanted to try for a while now and have just never got round to it.  Hopefully having set this goal it will be something I will actually get round to achieving.

3.  Read at least 6 books.  
I know this doesn't sound like a lot, but I've become such a slow reader so this is a challenge I'm quite looking forward to. If I manage to read any more than six then that will be a bonus, I'll be thrilled but I'll be thankful for just the six.    

4.  Learn to write calligraphy.
I love the idea of being able to attach fancy gift tags to presents so improving my handwriting, learning calligraphy would definitely allow this to happen.

5.  Love myself more.
I've never been one for beauty routines and I'm not saying it's something I want to become obsessed with, but it would be nice to take a little bit of time to appreciate and pamper myself a bit more.

6.  Complete at least one craft project each month for a whole year.
I think this is the one I will struggle with the most.  I really enjoy being creative and making things, yet I never seem to be able to find enough time to actually sit down and produce anything.  If I can just try and make one thing a month that has got to be doable surely.

7.  Create monthly goals / to-do lists
As with the seasonal lists I used to create I'm going to attempt at writing monthly ones for each month of the year including some seasonal tasks as well as general day to day tasks.  I found I was often repeating things year to year when creating these per season as opposed to per month so it will be interesting to try this new format. 

I feel as though I should be adding more to this list but I'm struggling to think of anything more to add.  I guess by creating my monthly goals though I will be able to add to these anything else that I may think of throughout the year.

If anyone can suggest any ways to help me achieve my goals I'd love to hear from you.  Likewise if you have any suggestions for things for me to add to my monthly lists or even whether you have created your own resolutions, I'd really enjoy reading them.

 ~Gem x


  1. Fantastic sounding goals :) i've wrote mine a while ago, but i'm afraid they keep getting forgotten about! Never mind, they shall be done eventually! haha :) New follow fro me :)

    1. Ah thank you. It's hard to keep on top of things. I'm hoping to start them all early on in the year and then I can work on in-bedding them into my daily routines in some way or another x x x

  2. What a fab idea Gem, one that I may pinch if that's okay x I always think that we have two years in one, the year from January to December and the school year. I always think of September as the beginning so it makes it a great time to think about aims and goals. January is far too bleak and cold! I wouldn't add any more just yet as it's easy to get bogged down but maybe you could add some as the year progresses if you feel you are on top on your current aims. Good luck xx

    1. Thanks Tracy. Of course it's OK, I'm sure I'm not the only one to of done it. I've actually done one of the things already this evening and went to my first yoga class. A new one started today at our reception venue of all places, I absolutely loved it and have signed up for the next 3 weeks too, hopefully I'll keep it up beyond that too.
      I look forward to hearing your goals :) x x x

  3. Great idea. I just plan on getting children to school and clubs on time and remembering who to collect from where when. If I can get that down by October half term I'm happy. ;)

    1. Thankfully I don't have that task yet, I figured now is the time to do the things for me while I still can hehee. I'm sure you could think of a few little things just for you though, or even things for you all to do together as a family x x