Monday, 26 October 2015

The Pumpkin Patch

I was able to cross something off my October List on Saturday and along with my partner in crime and best friend Marie paid a visit to The Foxes Farm Produce Pumpkin Patch in Upminster.

Living in the UK this is definitely a novelty.  Halloween has never really been a huge celebration here, but it is certainly getting bigger and that makes me very happy.  I love Halloween, even though I am a huge wimp.  

Having seen peoples visits to the pumpkin patch in the States and Canada on social media, I was pleased to finally visit one myself, not too far from home.

The weather wasn't fantastic but it didn't dampen our spirits and I have to say the owner had a smile on his face the whole time we were there, something that is lovely to see, I really do like that personal service you get from people who run their own business. 

We had our cameras poised and ready and both enjoyed snapping away at all the pumpkins on offer. 

It made a real change to see families out together picking their pumpkin somewhere like this as opposed to just popping into their local supermarket.  It just seems to add to the whole excitement of the celebration, creating memories for the kids to cherish in years to come, quite magical really.

I don;t think I have ever seen so many pumpkins in one place, there were literally hundreds to choose from, although sadly, no white ones.  I'm yet to see one of those this year.

So as my thoughts are already turning to November, I'm pleased to have crossed something else off this months list, I'm almost there with just under a week to go, 

~ Gem x


  1. Replies
    1. It was good for getting photo, it's just a shame it was raining by the time we got there x x

  2. Check! Another fall bucket list item done for you! We planned to hit a pumpkin patch on Sunday morning, but when the time came, the kids preferred time on the Wii console instead. Oh well. I meant I could stay in my pjs longer!

    1. I'm doing well hey. A PJ day is always good, hopefully you'll still manage to squeeze a visit in before it's too late x x

  3. yep, need that on my list next year. Not sure where the nearest one would be to us in Suffolk. I saw this one advertised somewhere, but it was just a smidge too far for us with Violet.

    Am absolutely going to track down a pumpkin patch next year.

    Last year we grew our own white pumpkins, so I had plenty. This years they came to nothing, so we had none. Not even our own orange pumpkins. Another thing for next year is to make sure I have white pumpkins growing in the garden again!
    :O) x

    1. We grew pumpkins last year but we weren't too sure whether we would be in our house long enough this year, it turns out we were but never mind.
      I'm hoping there will be more of these popping up around the UK, especially as Halloween is growing as a celebration here now x x x