Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Gift Lists Inspiration

Each year that passes, providing a Christmas list seems to get harder and harder.  In a society where we tend to buy the things we want, when we want, a time for providing loved ones with gift lists seems to be fewer and far between.

   There isn't particularly anything that I need and at first there wasn't that much that I could think of that I wanted this year.  

But then I thought about creating a gift list inspiration blog post and all of a sudden I've discovered lots of things that I quite like the look of, actually needing them is a completely different matter.  

*Moss Knit Blanket from H&M £49.99  *Baby It's Cold Outside Hot Water Bottle from Asda £5  *Yankee Candle Christmas Sparkling Cinnamon Boxed Medium Jar from Boots £16.99  *Chalk Globe from Asda £15  *Lit Red Berry & Pine Cone Garland from Next £20  *At Home With Ashley Thomas Red Merry Christmas Cushion from Debenhams £22.40.

*Woodland Animal Socks from Next £8  *Metal Tab Shoulder Bag from Accessorize £35  *Red & Yellow Check Scarf from Primark £5.

What have you got on your Christmas list this year?

~ Gem x


  1. Great picks, I've really taken a shine to the hot water bottle cover!

    1. Thank you. You can never have too many hot water bottles in my opinion x x x