Monday, 30 November 2015

Shrek's Adventure London

I don't mind admitting that deep down I am a big kid at heart.  Growing up I was lucky enough to have a fair few holidays to Orlando in Florida visiting both Universal Studios and Disney.  But since adulthood arrived, responsibilities set in with bills to pay and a job to hold down that luxury is a mere distant memory.  So when I discovered that Shrek was coming to London I found myself getting quite excited, finally a little taste of the magic literally on the doorstep.   

I was thrilled to finally get the chance to visit the attraction on Saturday, so with my Mum as my plus one we hopped on the train into the big city for a Shrektacular fun filled afternoon.

Shrek's Adventure is situated on Southbank right next to the London Eye, which is just perfect at this time of year.  With the ice rink, Christmas market and carousel right beside it, there is lots in the area to keep you occupied for either before or after your visit.

On arrival we collected our passes from the departures desk and set off on our journey to far far away.      

Having been to America I have always appreciated their attention to detail with their attractions, no stone is ever left unturned.  But I feel it is safe to say that us Brits are catching up.  Everywhere you looked there was something going on, and you really felt a part of the attraction.

Once you passed through the departure gate no photos were allowed to be taken and in a way I was quite thankful for this as it really gave you the opportunity to enjoy it as opposed to continuously stopping and looking out for that perfect shot.  It also means that nothing is spoilt for anyone else planning to visit.  I will be honest I had done quite a bit of research before of visit, but I was still unsure of what to expect and there were definite surprises along the way during the tour.

For that reason I don't want to give anything away so you won't be finding any spoilers here.  However I will share with you my thoughts and opinions of it.

Having now visited, I will say that I wouldn't visit again, purely because I have seen it all.  On doing my research I was given the impression that each visit would be completely different and that depending on certain outcomes in each room, would depend on the path you took around the tour.  However I learnt that this is not the case and you are basically guided around the attraction.  It worked well but once you've seen it you know exactly what to expect.

There were bits of the attraction I loved and other bits I wasn't so keen on (without meaning to sound nasty the actors although good at what they were doing, were quite irritating, but then again, without them I'm not so sure it would work as well as it did).  It is definitely geared more towards families with young children, which I completely understand and expected to be the case, although there were groups of adults attending too so it wouldn't be a problem if you were going without any children in tow. 

  We entered the attraction at just after 4pm, and fortunately didn't have to queue to get in (from what I've been told, visiting earlier in the day is much busier and so queues may be likely).  The whole thing from start to finish lasted around an hour which was just about right, I'd say anything longer would have been too long.  I would say if you were going to be at a loose end in London and are a fan of Shrek and DreamWorks then pay it a visit, you'll even get to meet the main man himself.

Huge thanks to all the team at Shrek's Adventure London for a great afternoon.

~ Gem x


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    1. It was very cleverly done, I'm sure the kids would love it and i reckon going with children would bring it to life more as you would be seeing it through their eyes as well as your own if that makes sense x x x