Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Past Week

A much quieter week in comparison to last week but still pretty good none the less. 

James treated me to some little gifts this week.  This candle smells amazing, rose is my favourite scent, he knows me too well.  

He also bought me daffodils, I love them, such happy flowers, they were my Grandad's favourite flower too so I always like having them around at this time of year. 

I met up with the gorgeous Michelle from Michelle Louise Love for a coffee and catch up in Starbucks.  We both ordered the Pistachio and Rose Mocha which is only available at the moment to card holders but will be on the menu very soon.  I'm not the biggest coffee fan but this I loved and will be heading back soon for some more.

I also attended my first pottery class this week.  It was only a taster class, the full course starts in March.  I can't wait, I've already been scouring Pinterest for ideas of things I could make.

I had a happy post day when the watch I'd ordered arrived.  This is just perfect for me. Time keeping isn't my strong point, hopefully that will be a thing of the past now I have this bad boy on my wrist.

Another relaxing bath was enjoyed, this time with the Intergalactic bath bomb.  This one was a Christmas gift and I'm so glad because I would never have picked this one myself but it was really lovely.  I felt like a mermaid swimming in glitter, it was so pretty. 

And finally a drive out in the Landy with hubby.  Of course I had to include something Land Rover related seeing as this week saw the last ever defender being made, a sad day for any Land Rover fans.

This week has whizzed by.  I can't believe tomorrow is February, what earth happened to January?

~ Gem x

Friday, 29 January 2016

A Reverse Bucket List

You hear so often of bucket lists and the things people want to achieve before it's too late, but what about the things that have already been achieved?  The things already done, the places already visited.  I thought I'd share a few of the things I've already crossed off from my bucket list.

Got Married.
I feel this is quite an achievement.  Something that so many people don't seem to do nowadays but I am so pleased that I have, I wouldn't change it for the world and couldn't be happier to be married to the man of my dreams.  

Been Parascending From The Back Of A Boat.
After convincing James to do it with me, as he was a bit wary being afraid of heights.  He loved it and it turned out I as the one feeling nervous as we were being dragged along over the sea.

Viewed New York From Above.
My first holiday with James was to New York over ten years ago now, where does the time go?  Of course we had to go up to the top of the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre, we did one in daylight and one at night to get the two different comparisons.

Swam With Dolphins.  
In all honesty I'm really glad this is something I've done already as I'm not so sure it's something I would do now if ever I were given the opportunity due to all the media around Seaworld in recent times.  However I had a great time doing so and the staff really seemed to care for the dolphins and they seemed happy, I hope they were happy.

Been To The Top Of The Eiffel Tower.  
I didn't see all that much of Paris itself, I was on a college trip to Disneyland Paris and a small group of us decided to venture out to see the Eiffel Tower, I'm glad we did, the view was incredible.  

Traveled To Some Amazing Places.
I'm very fortunate to have been on some fantastic holidays.  My first full time job was as a travel agent so that obviously came with it's perks.  But, growing up my parents took us to Orlando a fair few times and also on a tour of the west coast in America, that was quite an experience.

I'm sure there are other things I could of included in this post and cross off my list, but right now I'd say I'm overthinking it.  Even still I'm pretty happy with that list and no doubt there are plenty more exciting adventures to come in life.

~ Gem

Monday, 25 January 2016

Lush Valentines Range 2016

I do love stepping inside a Lush store, especially when they have new products in stock.  On Friday evening I was invited along to Lush in Chelmsford to check out their new Valentines range.

The products were all laid out ready for their demonstrations .

First up was the lover lamp bath bomb.  It's quite a slow fizzer which I like, you feel as though you are getting your moneys worth.

I also really like the tiny little hearts that appear, floating in the water along with the larger hearts which are visible in the un-melted bath bomb.  It's made with cocoa butter leaving your skin feel lovely and soft and the Brazilian orange oil gives it a really subtle citrus scent.

Next up was the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar with it's pearlescent colours and scents of lavender, ylang ylang and neroli oil.  

The colour of this is a favourite of mine, it looks like strawberry milkshake, so pretty. And mix it with the lover lamp bath bomb, you have yourself a little lush valentines bath cocktail.

Another favourite is the Roses All The Way soap, with a Turkish Delight scent, these soaps actually white have been painted red so the more you use it the lighter the colour will become.  I will post an updated photo later in the month to show you how the soap changes.  The detail is just beautiful and I love how they are displayed in store.

Other products in the Valentines range this year are the Prince Charming Shower Cream, with scents of Turkish Delight this smells good enough to eat, speaking of which the Kiss Lip Scrub and Kiss Lip Gloss really are good enough to eat made from edible ingredients they smell and taste great.

Other products that took my eye on the evening, although not part of the Valentines range but are certainly pretty enough to fit in were A French Kiss, a rosemary and lavender bubble bar.

Sex Bomb, a jasmine scented bath bomb with a cute little rose in the centre.

And the Soft Coeur massage bar which smells absolutely delightful, it reminds me very much of chocolate and it's heart shaped so what is there not to like.

The Rose Jam Bubbleroon a rose scented bubble bar that looks like a macaroon, it's pink, it's glittery need I say anymore?!

Of course I didn't leave empty handed, although my bank account made sure I didn't spend too much, (I shall be visiting again after payday though!).

And the pink heart shaped product on the bottom left there, made by my very own fair hands using the recipe for Creamy Candy Bubble Bars.  You have got to love the blogger events and being able to make your own products to take away.  

Have you made any Lush purchases recently?  What are your favourite products from the new range?

~ Gem x

Sunday, 24 January 2016

This Past Week

It's been a bit of a busy week and these past seven days have literally been non stop, but you know what, aside from having a rubbish cold, it has been a really good week.

The week started off with me working late, but getting home and having a bath with a Lush Yoga Bomb was just what I needed to help me relax after a long day.

I fell a little bit in love with my nails after getting them done, I always drool over some of the designs on Pinterest, no idea why it hadn't occurred to me to have my own done with a pattern before now. 

A shopping adventure with my bestie was enjoyed.  A lovely dinner at Ed's Diner and a proper good catch up was just what the doctor ordered, finishing off with coffee and cake, it was perfect.

(I'm thinking maybe I should of bought this instead of putting it back, what do you think?)

Enjoying some naughty treats at work and being bought flowers to say thank you for my help with something was definitely welcomed and helped me through the day.  

Getting to check out the Lush Valentines range with some fellow bloggers in Chelmsford and of course spending some pennies so I can try them out myself at home was another welcomed treat this week, but more on that tomorrow.

Phew, I think I shall be taking things a little slower this week.

~ Gem x

Friday, 22 January 2016

Things You Should Know About Keeping Chickens

OK so I know chickens aren't the most popular kept kept animal, but trust me once you have them you won't regret it.

 There are so many things I have learnt since we started keeping chickens 2 and a half years ago, I thought I'd hare some of them with you today.

They are addictive. No matter how many you get to begin with.  You will always want more.

They each have their own little personalities.  I just assumed chickens would be very much the same as each other and impossible to tell apart but this is certainly not the case.   

They crap everywhere and a lot.  The first ones in the morning are the worst, definitely watch out for those!

You will want to buy anything or will be bought everything that has chickens on it.  All of a sudden we seem to have notepads, door mats even a bucket.

They can be noisy.  Don't get me wrong it isn't usually for long, but if they want something, you will know about it.

Chickens like to dig.  We seem to have a lot of craters about our garden now where they have dug down, once they've done this they like to get right into it and have themselves a little dust bath, quite amusing to watch.

They can be quite bullyish towards each other which to begin with can be upsetting but it is just their way.  It's where the saying the pecking order comes from, they're fighting it out for the position of top dog (or in their case top chicken).

They are amazing animals to keep and if you decide to keep chickens I can assure you, you won't regret it.  The fresh eggs are pretty great too.  Maybe I should have added that as another point, you will never want to buy eggs from a supermarket ever again, they are just not the same.

Seriously though I have learnt an incredible amount about chickens and looking after them, it is one of the best decisions myself and James have made since moving to out little countryside cottage and when we move to our forever home we will definitely be getting more.

~ Gem x

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A Country Walk In January

I don't do it very often but I quite like taking a walk at this time of year.  Yes it is bloody freezing and yes it can be a bit bleak, there is still plenty to look at though and the sunsets at this time of year are pretty good too.  

Me and James decided to take a stroll on Saturday afternoon, we hadn't really done much that day and thought it would do us good to get out, plus I was starting to feel a bit under the weather, so a walk would do me good (apparently not as 4 days later I'm sat here with a rotten cold, there was nothing I was going to do that would stop it and there has been so much going around.) 

We weren't out for particularly long, half hour maybe, an hour at the most, but boy did it feel good to be out in the fresh air.  I will admit I was pleased to get back inside to thaw out again after, my feet were frozen.

A country walk followed by a nice cup of tea was just what was needed.

~ Gem x